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      Updater: Set LOCAL_PRIVATE_PLATFORM_APIS · 832efc94
      Anton Hansson authored
      This change sets LOCAL_SDK_VERSION for all packages where
      this is possible without breaking the build, and
      LOCAL_PRIVATE_PLATFORM_APIS := true otherwise.
      Setting one of these two will be made required soon, and this
      is a change in preparation for that. Not setting LOCAL_SDK_VERSION
      makes the app implicitly depend on the bootclasspath, which is
      often not required. This change effectively makes depending on
      private apis opt-in rather than opt-out.
      Bug: 73535841
      Change-Id: Iabb0556dc1c80c7fc7f6c76d61d5e441b03cdce0
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    • LuK1337's avatar
      Updater: Move battery level check to UpdatesListAdapter · 67cb2626
      LuK1337 authored
      * We cannot create dialog from service level without
        hardcoding theme resource and granting SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW
        permission therefore we got to move it here.
      Change-Id: I70ee5d6c8ef4af4f5c6f29e593b1c20797781017
  15. 13 Jun, 2018 6 commits
    • Gabriele M's avatar
      Requre a minimum remaining battery capacity to install updates · f9463c37
      Gabriele M authored
      The recovery doesn't install the update if the remaining battery
      capacity isn't at least 20% (or 15% if charging). Require at least
      40%, just to be safe.
      Change-Id: I5cd7c40f029141cde2b0922b25fece2b55989710
    • Gabriele M's avatar
      Minor app notification improvements · 0332be5e
      Gabriele M authored
      - Don't use BigTextStyle if we only need to show a single line of
        text, but keep using it if the progressbar is visible.
      - Change the icon to reflect the currrent state.
      - Use android.R.drawable instead of
      Change-Id: I0f69fe5f4fa63cdec180e89afa098d27819f33fd
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      Show in app reboot button · ce4b0269
      Gabriele M authored
      Change-Id: I8d65746b58c16a7cf4a430ea29bb7b0fba1802d5
    • Gabriele M's avatar
      Turn UpdateInstaller into a singleton · f4b37294
      Gabriele M authored
      For symmetry with ABUpdateInstaller.
      Change-Id: I9b61ed286c91f10140705e7b3e24b0eab0c75f49
    • Gabriele M's avatar
      Remove Controller interface · 4bacd24d
      Gabriele M authored
      This is just useless as is.
      Change-Id: I957ea3bda4097ccb8d730943639cd5e74b1b2440
    • Gabriele M's avatar
      Remove LegacySupport class · 78e69c05
      Gabriele M authored
      This was meant to provide an upgrade path from the old app. It's
      been almost a year now, this class is no longer needed.
      Change-Id: I17c82e5877b275c5ceb3caefa28066abc170f095
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  17. 16 May, 2018 2 commits
    • Gabriele M's avatar
      Prevent null pointer exceptions · 8b300f0d
      Gabriele M authored
      The main activity connects to the service after setting up the local
      broadcast. This allows the service to send notification before the
      activity is ready, causing null pointer exceptions. This happens for
      example rotating the screen while an update is being installed.
      Also, replace the existing check on mUpdaterController with a check
      on mDownloadsId since the latter depends on the former and both are
      Change-Id: I620fd7aa1e90468ab40dfedaa06c23f96f3e6807
    • Gabriele M's avatar
      Use Content-Length if greater than current size · 4f7db45f
      Gabriele M authored
      The server may temporarily report an incorrect size that is smaller
      than the actual size. Content-Length is expected to always be
      accurate, but its value does not correspond to the full file size
      when resuming downloads. Use Content-Length only if it's bigger
      than the currently known size.
      Change-Id: I2cc06bfbd2349f21528047b4840f549fbe84964e
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    • Gabriele M's avatar
      Detect update failures · d5f4c1bc
      Gabriele M authored
      This allows to delete the update only if the installation succeeded
      and to notify the user in case the installation failed.
      Since we now need the file in case of failure, create a copy for
      uncrypt even if the user chose to delete installed updates.
      Change-Id: I80b0f499663bbf50bcbca5f643c01ffdb4cd3957
    • Joey's avatar
      Updater: show settings in a proper preferences dialog · af9b4adb
      Joey authored
      Menu is not a good place to store preferences that have long strings
      Change-Id: I84e782af33b2452c15998f7266c57d681dc8a377
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJoey <>