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    • NyQuilXT's avatar
      FMRadio: build with AAPT2 · 34db918a
      NyQuilXT authored
      Fixes app crash when adding radio station to favorites
      Change-Id: I68f53086c0d93a65af62147c83f016afc4d1d2b3
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      FMRadio: Resolve rules · b7745ce9
      Adrian DC authored
       * Automate inclusions with LOCAL_STATIC_ANDROID_LIBRARIES,
          resolving frameworks/support/v7/cardview/res path
      Change-Id: Ie1082eb81f287c4d352509c803612947786672cc
    • Anton Hansson's avatar
      FMRadio: Set LOCAL_PRIVATE_PLATFORM_APIS · f46ec38b
      Anton Hansson authored
      This change sets LOCAL_SDK_VERSION for all packages where
      this is possible without breaking the build, and
      LOCAL_PRIVATE_PLATFORM_APIS := true otherwise.
      Setting one of these two will be made required soon, and this
      is a change in preparation for that. Not setting LOCAL_SDK_VERSION
      makes the app implicitly depend on the bootclasspath, which is
      often not required. This change effectively makes depending on
      private apis opt-in rather than opt-out.
      Test: make relevant packages
      Bug: 73535841
      Change-Id: Ib244e0b7de264191a94d8b0e6512be2a580ec59f
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    • Khalid Zubair's avatar
      Keep main activity when recording is cancelled · 480142b3
      Khalid Zubair authored
      When a recording (running in background) is stopped and the user
      returns to the FM app, the recording activity is seen with a 'Save
      Recording?' popup. After responding keep/discard the app exits itself
      instead of returning to the main activity.
      This happens because the service calls exitFm() and activity finish()
      when the service receives the musicservice 'pause' command (e.g. when
      the camera starts).
      Instead of a complete shutdown, stop recording and pause (powerDown)
      the FM playback. This leaves the service in a funtional state and the
      recording activity can save/discard the recording and return to the
      main screen.
      Change-Id: Ia3209b32cea193e76fb7b0b26b1ba05b88bd9d2c
    • Khalid Zubair's avatar
      Handle recording without using MediaRecorder · 3c0c2766
      Khalid Zubair authored
      MediaRecorder creates a new AudioRecord for the tuner internally and
      causes two audio input devices to be in-use during recording. Replace
      MediaRecorder with a custom recorder that gets fed by the same
      AudioRecord instance used for playback when SW rendering is in affect.
      This change helps workaround some bugs in the Audio HAL during fm
      recording (two tuner input devices) and concurrent mic recording.
      Force SW rendering when recording starts so that the recorder works
      and attempt to start the audio patch when recording ends.
      In onAudioPatchListUpdate there is no need to call
      initAudioRecordSink() before calling startRender() because
      startRender() will call initAudioRecordSink().
      CYNGNOS-2819, KIPPER-687, FEIJ-1372
      Change-Id: Iddd9f325892ca4482c3977dcadc627352e6f5bb2
    • Khalid Zubair's avatar
      Fix stuck recording ui when recording is aborted · a7db4dc6
      Khalid Zubair authored
      When the recording activity is paused and recording is canceled (e.g.
      loss of audio focus), the recording UI appears frozen when the
      activity resumes.
      This happens due to two issues:
       1. When the activity is paused it ignores the cancellation
          MSG_FM_EXIT event.
       2. When the activity is destroyed, it does not check the current
          state of the Recorder when it resumes.
      In both these cases, the activity assumes that the recording is still
      ongoing but the stop button fails silently when there is no recording
      to stop.
      Fix these issues by querying the recording status when the activity
      resumes and show the save dialog if the recording was stopped.
      oResume() and onServiceConnected() have been consolidated in to
      onResumeWithService() and handles checking the status of the service,
      starting recording and revisiting the activity.
      In FmService, the recording state returns 'INVALID' before the first
      recording starts because the recorder has not yet been created.
      Querying the recording state before starting the 2nd recording returns
      'IDLE'. Treat the 1st and 2nd cases the same and return 'IDLE'.
      Change-Id: I8a6f85f067a4c5737c5e00e6c035ba743c373e8f
  36. 25 Jun, 2016 1 commit
    • Khalid Zubair's avatar
      Remove false log warnings · 387bb91d
      Khalid Zubair authored
      The log should not be a warning as it occurs often during normal
      Change-Id: I7e8fc3b8499dfa48988c8949d9527c905f44cbe3