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  1. 08 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      [2/2] Settings: Privacy Guard · 7c1dd11f
      Sam Mortimer authored
       * This has been partially split into CMParts. The
         AppOps functionality still lives here.
      Pulled together mostly (if not all) from:
      Author: Steve Kondik <>
      Date:   Tue Feb 25 14:02:16 2014 +0100
      settings: Relocate Privacy Guard icons to framework
      * So we can use them in the permission dialog for MODE_ASK
      Change-Id: Ia9bac7dff0bbe91ae48db5d4b0d8f46feb9fdf86
      Author: DvTonder <>
      Date:   Thu Jan 16 19:01:23 2014 -0500
      Settings: Fix up top level "Privacy" section
      Change-Id: Id4dbda10a891c793bc6eb3c42807cc0e3f6092cc
      Author: Danny Baumann <>
      Date:   Fri Nov 8 13:37:07 2013 +0100
      Add back privacy guard manager.
      Change-Id: Ic9fbbae137bb8425fe72a6cdb2f17117351b5709
      Author: Chirayu Desai <>
      Date:   Sat Dec 28 18:51:46 2013 +0530
      PrivacyGuard: Specify a default value in Settings.getInt method call
      * While privacy guard is enabled by default, the default value specified
        here is returned only when the setting is not defined or not an integer.
      Change-Id: Iaedffcc76a23a310aa7915f6a42ccce83ba5d2a6
      Author: Matt Mower <>
      Date:   Wed Feb 5 19:40:37 2014 -0600
      PrivacyGuard: confirm permissions reset
      The button to reset all application permissions to enabled looks
      suspiciously like a refresh button. Prompt the user with a confirmation
      dialog to make sure they know what they've pressed.
      Change-Id: I0444c5bf8e9533feccf890055d34d3200609c6f6
      Change-Id: I2e10cb4d395e2e7e5141d2fadada9e9b21cd7fbf
      su: Add Root access app-ops control
      Adds an app-ops option for root access.
      Platform-signed apps weren't previously being listed but there are some
      that use root access (FileManager comes to mind).
      So we list all of them, but for platform-signed apps we only show the
      root toggle and none of the permission-based ones.
      Change-Id: Ie716974156d55eb66061e78dc39505569e5bdc2a
      AppOps: Add more operations in app ops settings.
      Add following operations in app ops settings.
      -- Wifi enable/disable
      -- Bluetooth enable/disable
      Change-Id: I32183d77b88c326168557444a445765b5a69de6f
      AppOps: Add support for nfc operation
      Add support for nfc operation
      Change-Id: I0ca617b11d3f65f80cc49c3f629312e2fee1ba91
      AppOps: Add mobile data-on permission control.
      Add mobile data-on permission control.
      Change-Id: I0956fb1575addb5f4e522e664a80442120190b86
      Settings: Convert AppOps array items to string references
      * Avoid future breakage
       This will need conversion of all AOSP translated arrays to strings
      Change-Id: I2e52e4013d1232d529ce5b9e3aae3502c42e938a
      AppOps: Add 'Always ask' option under appOps setting.
      Add always ask option for each operation.
      Change-Id: Ia4f331a5b7d0b1c8ae6946c55a4f78818fe0454f
      AppOps: Use switch widget for non-strict ops.
      There are few Ops for which 'Always Ask' mode is not allwoed.
      So use switch widget to control such Ops.
      Change-Id: Ic7464a207c00e4cb9efff57c1f060e04379c1ee7
      Allow disabling the privacy guard notification - port from cm-12.1 (1/3)
      Change-Id: Iebf4545c1a65b10036a4865bae29d14e86b12d07
      Fix advanced privacy guard screen
      Change-Id: I1064f2df748b21384f53219b87645f1569f595d5
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
      [1/2] Settings AppOps: show/hide app type and allow/deny counters
      Squash of:
      Author: Sam Mortimer <>
      Date:   Thu Oct 3 13:51:31 2013 -0700
      AppOps: menu options to show/hide user and system apps
      Change-Id: Ia55364c361db949a891e4b53a757ee4dff519eb6
      Author: Sam Mortimer <>
      Author: Danny Baumann <>
      Date:   Wed Oct 2 22:24:14 2013 -0700
      [1/2] AppOps: Show allowed/ignored counts
      Change-Id: Ia27737155c33e934df9a2a1fcff88379240fd096
      Author: Sam Mortimer <>
      Date:   Sun Dec 1 21:39:07 2013 -0800
      AppOps: only apply app type filters to summary screen
          *) If buildState() is called for a single package, do
             not apply hide user/system app filters.
          *) Fixes show detail display when called via
             long press in privacyguard and an AppOp hide
             filter is ticked.
      Change-Id: If31d094fb989836ab6829daeefe820695032c0ed
      Change-Id: I4d6f37b3923eb9bc98d67101d6f0ef481a427682
      privacyguard: Add Superuser summary
      Adds superuser summary to the privacy guard "Advanced" menu, this
      is useful for auditing purposes. The tab is only visible when root
      for apps is enabled.
      Change-Id: I0b71c51d10e44e69102c311e526cdb1fde9bda26
      Change-Id: I4e9630a0bf606e863e191e24ce448bbeb5ee7ebb
      Settings : Fix default privacy guard preference
      Ensure we write to the correct table.
      Change-Id: I1260cf665080631e3e2ec19b371a79eee273c6d2
      Launch app privacy settings when tapping on PG notification (2/2)
      Based on
      JIRA: CYAN-6077
      Change-Id: I8632e8c944c1d5d7ad2fb2a2276bae5fe2d4a0a0
      Update privacy guard reset icon
      Change-Id: Ia636b08fea0d21c0185d053ecf601d1ddcf5a828
      Pick missing patch from cm12.1 for missing privacy icon
      Author: jrizzoli <>
      Date:   Fri Apr 24 15:00:28 2015 +0200
      Settings: update dashboard icons
      Author: blunden <>
      Date:   Sat Dec 6 20:18:20 2014 +0100
      Update the Privacy category drawable
      Change-Id: I587622df9a75d69405b17d60f0e8b0046ecf94f6
      PrivacyGuard: Tint the enabled icon
      The enabled icon was white and when enabled, the icon would get
      the exact same color as the background, rendering impossible to see.
      Change-Id: I4dc2b52cfca46abf2eff28a0b25918d42cf39f09
      Check boxes to Switches in PrivacyGuardPerfs
      Change-Id: I329df30a6a095a6a5f5829d8b627b00769e18685
      appops: Load the app list asynchronously
      The AppList is pretty big and it is loading in the UI thread. This
      is noticeable even on high-end chips and there is a definite possibility
      that it throws an ANR on lower-end ones.
      This patchset adds an asynchronous loader and updates the privacy guard
      to use it.
      Change-Id: I81f3fb64604af07a351f8cbdfffa7454389e2cee
      Settings: Fix off-by-one SectionIndexer in PrivacyGuard.
      Change-Id: If97876214d6f532ca4e5a09f09d881cd4fbf0231
      Settings: Fix inflate exception on search. Dynamically replace nested fragment.
         When PrivacyGuard is opened, the parent fragment would inflate the layout
         which contained a nested fragment. This is bad behavior. Since we couldn't
         keep track of the fragments lifecycle, the fragment we instantiated during
         inflation would cause an inflate exception if and when we toggled the search
         view within the current context.
         Mitigate the crash by programmatically replacing the fragment after instantiating it once.
                E  FATAL EXCEPTION: main
                E  Process:, PID: 12372
                E  android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #21: Error inflating class fragment
                E      at android.view.LayoutInflater.createViewFromTag(
                E      at android.view.LayoutInflater.rInflate(
                E      at android.view.LayoutInflater.inflate(
                E  Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Binary XML file line #21: Duplicate id 0x7f1001a2, tag nul
                   l, or parent id 0xffffffff with another fragment for
                E      at
                E      at android.view.LayoutInflater$FactoryMerger.onCreateView(
                E      at android.view.LayoutInflater.createViewFromTag(
                E      ... 25 more
      Change-Id: I6820ad7d35814f150eedf91140e21c0b8e23322b
      settings: Use consistent headers for Privacy Guard
       * Show "Privacy Guard" instead of "App ops" in advanced settings
      Change-Id: I98107ba3ad94ba22bbd4dc9e92ea97a36f664ab8
      Do not allow privacy guard for core system apps.
      Hide any applications that have the system UID as well as System UI from
      privacy guard. Enabling this on these core apps can have disastrous
      consequences, since many privacy guard authorization requests will queue
      up. This can cause the system process or System UI to be killed when
      they ANR while they wait at the end of a very long queue for the user to authorize them.
      By using privacy guard, you are trusting that the system will control
      and protect these permissions in the first place; there is no need to protect
      the system from itself.
      Change-Id: I478d6a6783a4c06fa7ad01a96c413290b232636c
      PrivacyGuard: restore ListView position on resume, for real
      ListView gets reloaded each time the activity is resumed,
      so we have to restore the position after LoadManager finishes its job
      Change-Id: I8f05027aaf8ef85481ecb578efa2c2d2c6c6256d
      Settings: persist privacy guard dialogs across rotates
      Ref: CYNGNOS-933
      Change-Id: I778ff0152dd4a1c0152dca68e82cc89a41f88508
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
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    • Andrew Sapperstein's avatar
      Create feature factory interface & initial impl. · 13792886
      Andrew Sapperstein authored
      Creates the abstract class FeatureFactory and an AOSP implementation
      called Factory.
      Also creates a static library for generating logtags since we need to use the code generated
      by the logtags in multiple packages now.
      BUG: 27751878
      Change-Id: I88d826333642d3efc252134c4facb7b1ca014f32
      (cherry picked from commit 867bb9c0)
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  5. 09 Feb, 2016 1 commit
    • Udam Saini's avatar
      Reworks lock screen flows. · 8ef4c620
      Udam Saini authored
      This also adds frp warning dialogs in case the user skips lock
      screen setup initially.
      Change-Id: I732b6a806e139fb6c1c1b334b8d1608c229f217c
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  8. 18 May, 2014 1 commit
    • John Spurlock's avatar
      VolumeZen: Sound & Notifications settings. · 81bef1d7
      John Spurlock authored
      - Add sound settings under the newly combined Sound & Notifications
        top-level settings page.
      - New slider preferences for setting audio stream volumes.
      - Migrate checkbox prefs to switch prefs.
      - New settings subpage for touch sounds.
      - New settings subpage for "Showing notifications"
      - New setting pref for displaying intercepted notifications in zen mode.
      - New tri-state lockscreen notifications pref.
      - Add priority + sensitivity options to app notification dialog.
      - Remove badges on app notifications row, migrate to subtitle text.
      - Migrate strings to common spot in strings.xml
      - Remove heads up setting.
      - Remove tweaks category (unused).
      - Clean up notification settings, separate out into a code section per option.
      - Clean up _settings.xml files, prefix each pref with option name.
      - Add appropriate indexing data to each settings page.
      Depends on f/b change Ic30aa575ae07650cee62c8c1d83b6bc69395cf0d
      Change-Id: If700385a7d0057f6c4c4bcf6e648dcf88b8ebff2
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    • Amith Yamasani's avatar
      User management screens · b810a0dd
      Amith Yamasani authored
      Customized Settings for restricted users
      - Only some top-level settings panels available
      User management
      - Primary user can add and remove users
      - User details screen to change name and list of enabled apps
      Change-Id: Ia6beb991b427197a4ec2724ca3c9222073f6cf7d
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    • Daisuke Miyakawa's avatar
      Fragmentize BluetoothSettings. · 6ebf8619
      Daisuke Miyakawa authored
      Add, so that the settings won't use
      its implementation around Activity#onUserLeaveHint().
      Also fragmentize bluetooth tethering screen.
      Change-Id: Id06ae3161fbdb5854ddb7a257f464fb16ea9b089
  20. 01 Sep, 2010 1 commit
    • Daisuke Miyakawa's avatar
      Add Wifi Setup screen for Setup Wizard with XL size screen. · d3669928
      Daisuke Miyakawa authored
      * Add WifiSettingsForSetupWizardXL as a new Activity
      The activity has WifiSettings fragment in it. It also contains
      several buttons, texts around the fragment.
      * Making configuration UI part of Preference list.
      In Wifi Setup for Setup Wizard XL, WifiSettings fragment lets
      a UI for configuring access points shown inside a
      PregerenceCategory object, while it has been shown as Dialog.
      To achieve this action, WifiDialog is decomposed into two parts:
      - WifiConfigUiBase (Mainly UI part)
      - WifiConfigController (Mainly Wifi controller part)
      All codes for wifi configuration in WifiDialog is now in
      WifiConfigController, which is reused from
      * Misc stuff
      - Remove AccessPoint#compareTo(). Instead,
        AccessPoint.AccessPointComparater should be used when needed.
      Change-Id: I520d690d3301837d32f91dad54a973a379ce1989
  21. 30 Aug, 2010 1 commit
    • Daisuke Miyakawa's avatar
      Make LocalePicker Fragment. · 0cc35e44
      Daisuke Miyakawa authored
      The logic calling selectFirst() is removed as
      - There's no comment why it is needed.
      - Actually SetupWizard gets stack as that forces users to see
        WirelessSettings in SetupWizard.
      The other changes:
      - Move back LocalePickerFragment to LocalePicker.
      - Make <activity> for LocalePicker in AndroidManifest <activity-alias>
      - Add a short comment about how getComponent(), which should be a key
        for understanding how top-level settings work.
      - Modify LanguageSettings so that it corectly points LocalePicker as
        a fragment.
      Change-Id: I78d356e40af896ba1aab72fba12c90467371c7b0
  22. 25 Aug, 2010 1 commit
    • Daisuke Miyakawa's avatar
      Fragmentize WifiSettings. · 9c8bde57
      Daisuke Miyakawa authored
      - Add button bar feature toward SettingsPreferenceFragment,
        which has existed in PreferenceActivity and has been used
        (probably) only by Settings app.
      - super.onActivityCreated() is not called at the beggining of
        WifiSettings#onActivityCreated(), the parent method assumes
        the child should have prepared PreferenceScreen, while
        WifiSettings cannot do until the parent Activity is ready.
      - Call SetHasOptionMenu() should be called AFTER the parent
        Activity is ready. It is not documented, so it would be better
        to file another bug.
      - Add exception to proguard...
      Change-Id: Iebd27f0cb0abdbee9b4b1cc9b00f4bf127f7815d
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