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    VolumeZen: Sound & Notifications settings. · 81bef1d7
    John Spurlock authored
    - Add sound settings under the newly combined Sound & Notifications
      top-level settings page.
    - New slider preferences for setting audio stream volumes.
    - Migrate checkbox prefs to switch prefs.
    - New settings subpage for touch sounds.
    - New settings subpage for "Showing notifications"
    - New setting pref for displaying intercepted notifications in zen mode.
    - New tri-state lockscreen notifications pref.
    - Add priority + sensitivity options to app notification dialog.
    - Remove badges on app notifications row, migrate to subtitle text.
    - Migrate strings to common spot in strings.xml
    - Remove heads up setting.
    - Remove tweaks category (unused).
    - Clean up notification settings, separate out into a code section per option.
    - Clean up _settings.xml files, prefix each pref with option name.
    - Add appropriate indexing data to each settings page.
    Depends on f/b change Ic30aa575ae07650cee62c8c1d83b6bc69395cf0d
    Change-Id: If700385a7d0057f6c4c4bcf6e648dcf88b8ebff2
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