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    Fragmentize WifiSettings. · 9c8bde57
    Daisuke Miyakawa authored
    - Add button bar feature toward SettingsPreferenceFragment,
      which has existed in PreferenceActivity and has been used
      (probably) only by Settings app.
    - super.onActivityCreated() is not called at the beggining of
      WifiSettings#onActivityCreated(), the parent method assumes
      the child should have prepared PreferenceScreen, while
      WifiSettings cannot do until the parent Activity is ready.
    - Call SetHasOptionMenu() should be called AFTER the parent
      Activity is ready. It is not documented, so it would be better
      to file another bug.
    - Add exception to proguard...
    Change-Id: Iebd27f0cb0abdbee9b4b1cc9b00f4bf127f7815d
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