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    Add Wifi Setup screen for Setup Wizard with XL size screen. · d3669928
    Daisuke Miyakawa authored
    * Add WifiSettingsForSetupWizardXL as a new Activity
    The activity has WifiSettings fragment in it. It also contains
    several buttons, texts around the fragment.
    * Making configuration UI part of Preference list.
    In Wifi Setup for Setup Wizard XL, WifiSettings fragment lets
    a UI for configuring access points shown inside a
    PregerenceCategory object, while it has been shown as Dialog.
    To achieve this action, WifiDialog is decomposed into two parts:
    - WifiConfigUiBase (Mainly UI part)
    - WifiConfigController (Mainly Wifi controller part)
    All codes for wifi configuration in WifiDialog is now in
    WifiConfigController, which is reused from
    * Misc stuff
    - Remove AccessPoint#compareTo(). Instead,
      AccessPoint.AccessPointComparater should be used when needed.
    Change-Id: I520d690d3301837d32f91dad54a973a379ce1989
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