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    Make LocalePicker Fragment. · 0cc35e44
    Daisuke Miyakawa authored
    The logic calling selectFirst() is removed as
    - There's no comment why it is needed.
    - Actually SetupWizard gets stack as that forces users to see
      WirelessSettings in SetupWizard.
    The other changes:
    - Move back LocalePickerFragment to LocalePicker.
    - Make <activity> for LocalePicker in AndroidManifest <activity-alias>
    - Add a short comment about how getComponent(), which should be a key
      for understanding how top-level settings work.
    - Modify LanguageSettings so that it corectly points LocalePicker as
      a fragment.
    Change-Id: I78d356e40af896ba1aab72fba12c90467371c7b0
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