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    • Danny Baumann's avatar
      Fix translation of 'contacts' tab title and main menu. · 7257c0ad
      Danny Baumann authored
      AOSP migrated those items to new strings, but those strings don't have
      any translations. Just use the previous string instances instead, which
      still exist and have valid translations.
      Change-Id: I55d7e5a5bf630e5813d2a2c22888b906b704e3f5
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    •'s avatar
      Failed to show hold call when user click swap and merge simultaneously · 9c227fe7 authored
      Set EVENT_MERGE_START for foregroundConnection and backgroundConnection
      but don't set EVENT_MERGE_COMPLETE when there is ImsException
      Bug: 121105030
      Change-Id: Ib376b24e5d307d8907d7ec2c8a3e025c04682d88
    • Taesu Lee's avatar
      Fix FATAL Exception in PostCallActivity · bdfb33d5
      Taesu Lee authored
      Use Theme.AppCompat.Light to fix IllegalStateException for
      PostCallActivity extending AppCompatActivity.
      Test: am start -n
      Change-Id: Ica815d43cd8dae73fbc8ec948dd701a1455d1704
      Signed-off-by: default avatarTaesu Lee <>
    • Raman Tenneti's avatar
      AOSP/Dialer - Fix improperly formatted resource string in Dialer across many languages. · 746efe3e
      Raman Tenneti authored
      Bug: 135615364
      Test: manual - Did a "make -j40" and verified that there are no warnings in strings.xml.
      Change-Id: I5b835af079832c8f38bd582113559b830efedaef
    • Sekine Yasuaki's avatar
      Fix the issue that automatic mute state remains ON after adding VT call · 2bfb4ff7
      Sekine Yasuaki authored
      An issue occurs because InCallFragment#onResume() that release the
      automatic mute state is not called when switching fragments by adding
      To resolve this issue, handle automatic mute state in InCallActivity.
      Bug: 110815828
      Test: Checked that the mute state is turned OFF when add a video call
      during a voice call.
      Change-Id: Ided7c58e1148f6ee12bdfeaa813d596a4716c1d6
      Change-Id: I7a956205fe8fbca56ec96a3bb672d792482c624a
    • Sekine Yasuaki's avatar
      Fix error case which session change request failed when pausing video · d1341b4f
      Sekine Yasuaki authored
      When a user clicks the pause video button, the camera close request and
      the session modify request are executed at the same time. However, the
      session modify request fails occasionally by a limitation of the Network
      side. In that case, the video session is continued with the camera
      closed state and a user cannot open the camera again due to pause video
      button disabled.
      Remove camera close request triggered by the pause video button clicked
      because it is handled appropriately according to the result of the
      session modify request. Also, enable the pause video button and show
      error message to a user if receiving the error result of the session
      modify request.
      Test: manual
      Bug: 69235524
      Change-Id: I9a2dde755a6c28edfb0ce962b55ac8a6e907ca97
    • Hideki Ishii's avatar
      Fix for button flickering issue when video call screen rotates · a0c5bdd1
      Hideki Ishii authored
      Buttons flicker when rotating video call screen and full screen mode.
      Because initial state of these buttons(components) are "visible".
      In full screen mode, these buttons should not be "visible" when video
      call screen is rotated.
      This patch modifies state of these buttons to "invisible" when video
      call screen rotates and isFullscreen()==True to fix the flicker issue.
      And, adding "enterFullscreenMode()" for getting correct view-size when
      changing layout by videocall-screen regenerated.
      Test: manual - Checked that not button flickering issue when video call
      screen during full screen mode rotates.
      Bug: 111242931
      Change-Id: I271ae3fa395fa648a89c8debc5c0a76e1a0a5ecd
    • Sekine Yasuaki's avatar
      Fix to update peer dimensions when video screen resumes foreground · e7523ef1
      Sekine Yasuaki authored
      [Issue/Cause of defect]
      If partner device is rotated during video screen of target device is in
      background, and then resumes to foreground, partner image will be shown
      with incorrect dimensions.
      Because when video screen goes to background, VideoCallPresenter stops
      checking CVO(Coordination of Video Orientation) of partner device. And
      when video screen is resumed to foreground, there is no logic to update
      partner image with latest peer dimensions.
      [How to fix]
      Even if video screen is in background, CVO(peer dimensions) is notified
      to DialerCall. Therefore DialerCall should store the dimensions. And
      when video screen resumes to fore, VideoCallPresenter should update the
      screen with correct(latest) peer dimensions.
      Test: manual - Checked that the partner image is shown with correct
      Bug: 111575038
      Change-Id: I32ff5407f1222b232b47a35e7083a473be67b468
    • Oya Masafumi's avatar
      Fix issue that the hold label is not shown during remote video holding · 03a214c7
      Oya Masafumi authored
      Hold label is not shown even if a remote party holds a video call
      because VideoCallFragment#updateRemoteOffView is not called. A condition
      checking shouldShowRemote whether to call the method was added in
      #I4be3488. But shouldShowRemote is not updated in this case.
      To solve this issue, checks isRemotelyHeld that indicates hold status of
      remote party and calls #updateRemoteOffView if it is updated.
      Test: manual - Check that the hold label is shown when a remote party
      holds a video call
      Bug: 110244504
      Change-Id: I2dfac18b1a913de50adfbe4cc76f073678f5e186
    • Shalika Pathirathna's avatar
      Fix preview image overlaps a call button during video call · 452c34d5
      Shalika Pathirathna authored
      If a device supports hiding the navigation bar and it is enabled,
      preview image overlaps a call button during video call. Because the
      preview layout doesn't care about the visibility of the navigation bar.
      To fix the problem, use APIs of WindowInsets that care about the
      visibility of the navigation bar.
      Bug: 80376182
      Test: manual - Checked the preview image doesn't overlap a call button
      when the navigation bar is not visible.
      Change-Id: I72c9d504f0485c24a6be09a50869a8248745623f
    • Jesse Chan's avatar
      Dialer: allow framework to do dark theming automatically · 64c1fc6f
      Jesse Chan authored
      Change-Id: I5b840ba257adda69882e1fe19a55510802c45106
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJesse Chan <>
    • Raman Tenneti's avatar
      Updated target SDK from 28 to 29. · 097bf00c
      Raman Tenneti authored
      Merged the following change from internal source: cl/305938566
      Do not use EXTRA_IS_HANDOVER for API levels 28 and above
      When targeting API level 29, this field becomes blacklisted.
      Since the Handover feature is officially supported via a public API since
      API level 28, we do not need to check for the internal field when the API level
      is 28+.
      BUG: 143990966
      Test: manual and CTS tests.
      Change-Id: Ib3fda29b4d5714efc52b29f49ca4a9a310584fff
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