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    • stenkinevgeniy's avatar
      Audio: out_open_pcm_devices - use out->config instead of pcm_device->pcm_profile->config. · 2ef158a2
      stenkinevgeniy authored
      Current get_pcm_device return always first finded pcm_profile.
      And out->pcm_dev_list always have only pcm_device_playback pcm_profiles.
      But if we need use deep_buffer pcm device
      we need use deep_bufer pcm_config - current hal
      don't did this...
      And we configure out->config in adev_open_output_stream
      function with proper pcm_config (deep or no).
      Change-Id: I86fdb18202afb0e83393f32830d57c929f174ae6
      (cherry picked from commit 39d1d019965d04ddfad2c643de53cd5501803aa4)
    • stenkinevgeniy's avatar
      Audio: remove unsupported hotword/soundtrigger stuff. · 44335364
      stenkinevgeniy authored
      Change-Id: Ie21f94e80a18f5a5805a3ee00e12e83fa2fc3f1a
      (cherry picked from commit 35dbc1e39fa7d355edbebe0071145aac45cc1075)
  9. 09 Apr, 2018 1 commit
    • Lukas0610's avatar
      fingerprint: send cancel-message to system · b0b78348
      Lukas0610 authored
      Android expects a FINGERPRINT_ERROR_CANCELED error-message if a
      fingerprint authentication-requested was cancelled.
      As bauth doesn't deliver such a message on its own, we use the
      already notify-wrapper to send a message to Android if the
      authentication was cancelled by bauth to allow a proper operation
      of the fingerprint-service.
      Some devices (hero, hero2) with the fingerprint scanner embedded in
      the home button need this for the "config_fingerprintWakeAndUnlock"
      option to work reliably.
      Change-Id: Id5ec866a7608885925687a1927e0e6085e9b6cff
      Ref: BUGBASH-1422
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    • Christopher N. Hesse's avatar
      audio: Update mixer knobs after re-applying output route · ecb6050e
      Christopher N. Hesse authored
      Change-Id: I35fbcc03e9666e579134512b443610e546c31441
    • Paul Keith's avatar
      ril: service: Get off my back · 96ff3123
      Paul Keith authored
      * Checking numInts and numStrings for strict equality when
        we're not looping is dumb, because Samsung is notorious
        for sending extra information in their RIL
      * Check if there's *enough* data rather than the *exact amount*
        to fix a bunch of invalid response errors
      Change-Id: I14bc37240e5760b4629fcb74b64f25ad95d4fdfc
    • Christopher N. Hesse's avatar
      ril: service: Fix breakage introduced by f7c75aa4 · d26f4c92
      Christopher N. Hesse authored
          if (response == NULL || numStrings != 3) {
          if (response == NULL || numStrings != mqanelements - 2) {
      This patch fixes the logic so we don't change the value check.
      "mqanelements" is not related to getOperatorResponse, so get get rid of
      the affected code.
      Change-Id: I86c6ae7b7492a5d04fbc8dc415c4f615e7d05bab
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    • Christopher N. Hesse's avatar
      ril: Add support for imsType parcel member · 7f2c1bf9
      Christopher N. Hesse authored
      This is needed for Samsung devices like the Galaxy A5 2017.
      Change-Id: I3b89cf8ac232fef5629b439dbf5d2f21bdb264a2
    • Christopher N. Hesse's avatar
      ril: Add support for roamingProtocol parcel member · ffe632e3
      Christopher N. Hesse authored
      This is needed for Samsung devices like the Galaxy A5 2017.
      Change-Id: I549130b838377d8a8668ac59b51c314fe9e7f5ab
    • Paul Keith's avatar
      AdvancedDisplay: Rename Negative to Accessibility · c41b85cf
      Paul Keith authored
      * Samsung now supports many more modes than just inverted colors
      * Add strings for these extra modes while we're at it
      Change-Id: If2a469c994658d521d98b91adec1a19badb8092f
    • LuK1337's avatar
      AdvancedDisplay: Add support for new mDNIe scenarios · d9b32260
      LuK1337 authored
      * eBOOK_APP
      * EMAIL_APP
      * TDMB_APP
      Change-Id: I44be4d46f7a077295f0631a71ec652e61c3f9411
    • Paul Keith's avatar
      AdvancedDisplay: Fix strings · 763a8c3b
      Paul Keith authored
      * It just so happens that not all devices will have the
        same options available, so allow them to specify what
        they have without breaking tranlations by moving the
        scenario names into individual strings from the arrays
      * Update a few strings to be actually translatable
      * Fix an off-by-one error for every display mode after
        "LineageOS (default)": UI is the same thing as the
        default mode, so remove it to make the mode selection
        actually choose the user-selected mode
      Change-Id: Id5d659d79c10ea097c35b7416ef7c1cc93937756
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    • Christopher N. Hesse's avatar
      audio: Avoid mixer path dependency conflicts · 11ef2117
      Christopher N. Hesse authored
      On some devices, certain input and output mixer controls share the same
      endpoint, which means that if an input stream is disabled (and the mixer
      is updated), that shared endpoint may be disabled as well.
      This would result in no audio, because no one is aware that the output
      stream in fact does still need the shared endpoint to be enabled.
      We prevent this by enabling the output mixers after disabling input mixers,
      if any.
      Change-Id: I4d80fcd0648a11099f27177da3cd29095b6a8c34
      (cherry picked from commit 507e8ce5bffb36fae8b1cd4e5498fa19a6273ee6)
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    • Davis Mosenkovs's avatar
      Added new Murata MAC range · 8b4ba0d6
      Davis Mosenkovs authored
      OUI a0:c9:a0 was observed on hero devices bought in December 2017
      Change-Id: I0a2404780b1b5b017bb89468d235a2174a245989
      (cherry picked from commit 939c81d0e0581a08b896636ce0f1d5bb96946dc9)
    • Davis Mosenkovs's avatar
      Added another new Murata MAC range · 2fa73d69
      Davis Mosenkovs authored
      Another herolte user observed OUI 8c:45:00
      Change-Id: I7eaf4fef29c6dbc6a962de0ff745c9703f65fcfc
      (cherry picked from commit 70d3e3166f748e96f72c1c96aa2971f4981e9981)
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