Commit 2ef158a2 authored by stenkinevgeniy's avatar stenkinevgeniy Committed by Christopher H

Audio: out_open_pcm_devices - use out->config instead of pcm_device->pcm_profile->config.

Current get_pcm_device return always first finded pcm_profile.
And out->pcm_dev_list always have only pcm_device_playback pcm_profiles.

But if we need use deep_buffer pcm device
we need use deep_bufer pcm_config - current hal
don't did this...

And we configure out->config in adev_open_output_stream
function with proper pcm_config (deep or no).

Change-Id: I86fdb18202afb0e83393f32830d57c929f174ae6
(cherry picked from commit 39d1d019965d04ddfad2c643de53cd5501803aa4)
parent 44335364
......@@ -2421,7 +2421,7 @@ static int out_open_pcm_devices(struct stream_out *out)
__func__, pcm_device_card, pcm_device_id);
pcm_device->pcm = pcm_open(pcm_device_card, pcm_device_id,
PCM_OUT | PCM_MONOTONIC, &pcm_device->pcm_profile->config);
PCM_OUT | PCM_MONOTONIC, &out->config);
if (pcm_device->pcm && !pcm_is_ready(pcm_device->pcm)) {
ALOGE("%s: %s", __func__, pcm_get_error(pcm_device->pcm));
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