Commit cf411e7b authored by micky387's avatar micky387 Committed by Christopher H

macloader: load nvram_net.txt from /vendor

Change-Id: I688f42059459c400834cac0b4c8933ef216827a5
parent 5e6355bc
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
/* NVRAM calibration, NULL if calibration unneeded */
#define WIFI_DRIVER_NVRAM_PATH "/system/etc/wifi/nvram_net.txt"
#define WIFI_DRIVER_NVRAM_PATH "/vendor/etc/wifi/nvram_net.txt"
/* NVRAM calibration parameters */
#define WIFI_DRIVER_NVRAM_PATH_PARAM "/sys/module/dhd/parameters/nvram_path"
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