Commit 719630aa authored by Christopher N. Hesse's avatar Christopher N. Hesse

audio: Guard mixer path dependency fix

Change-Id: Id93d7941ae322a83488da3cea62c6eb36a6e9160
parent 62b70f82
......@@ -1018,7 +1018,7 @@ int disable_snd_device(struct audio_device *adev,
update_mixer = true;
audio_route_reset_path(mixer_card->audio_route, snd_device_name);
if (out_uc_info != NULL) {
if (snd_device > SND_DEVICE_IN_BEGIN && out_uc_info != NULL) {
* Cycle the rx device to eliminate routing conflicts.
* This prevents issues when an input route shares mixer controls with an output
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