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    • Christopher N. Hesse's avatar
      build: tasks: kernel: Add support for MediaTek dtbo images · 57042ba4
      Christopher N. Hesse authored
      MediaTek uses "odmdtbo.img" on recent Helio SoCs.
      Some MTK targets have a dtbo partition, but not vbmeta partition.
      For these, the avb hash footer signing must be omitted.
      There are 3 new variables introduced as part of this change:
          The name of your dtbo image, mostly relevant for AVB signing.
          This variable must be set in all cases.
          The build target (PHONY) that your kernel makefile (Android[Kernel].mk)
          uses to build the dtbo image.
          The output path to the generated dtbo image as dictated by the kernel.
          This shall be relative to $(PRODUCT_OUT).
      Change-Id: I52de8cfc38c89d053daeb9f10555479d70f8ac03
    • Arekusu Rin's avatar
      sensitive_pn: New United Kingdom helplines · b0572eb5
      Arekusu Rin authored
      *Added new helplines for the United Kingdom, including helplines for
      Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Britain. Further numbers may be
      available at websites such as
      Change-Id: I3682c9e8c14d7124a76a054498e1eaf0f1ded52c
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    • Luca Stefani's avatar
      Don't explicitly build uneeded packages · a840cafe
      Luca Stefani authored
      * libemoji doesn't exist
      * libprotobuf-cpp-full is always built and part of VNDK
      * librsjni is always built by renderscript
      Change-Id: I379aa405f937d54fc7ab1fb7a120683e91f2bbac
      (cherry picked from commit b2064545)
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    • Arekusu Rin's avatar
      sensitive_pn: General update + new Bulgarian phone numbers · c88df996
      Arekusu Rin authored
      Bulgarian numbers: Most of these were directly sourced from Crisis or 
      Emergency centers' websites. At least half are from one of the leading 
      NGOs' detailed map that includes contact details for numerous hotlines, 
      centers, etc.
      The non-Bulgarian numbers were sourced from and
      from the CM 14.1 sensitive_pn file.
      Change-Id: I925b36ad7f616acf24c4c1e2109ea817a6de9338
  13. 21 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  14. 07 Oct, 2018 2 commits
    • Youhan Wang's avatar
      RJIO: Change Roaming protocal to IPV4V6. · caf53351
      Youhan Wang authored
      Change-Id: Icf80b445de9fd0fab9ac708c8c153faa5ad5fd9e
    • Meng Wang's avatar
      apns: update RJIO APNs · f4e18093
      Meng Wang authored
      1. Rename "Internet" to "JIO 4G" per carrier request
      2. Make IMS APN invisible per carrier request
      3. Remove "carrier_enabled=true" to reduce
         redundency as that's default value
      Bug: 32935086
      Change-Id: Ic7ce9978ed03aa24f116cad3b4fb049277864b89
  15. 03 Oct, 2018 1 commit
    • Christopher N. Hesse's avatar
      tasks: kernel: Honor prebuilt kernel flag · 1befe26e
      Christopher N. Hesse authored
      For devices that want to use a prebuilt kernel, TARGET_KERNEL_SOURCE
      would still be set to TARGET_AUTO_KDIR, meaning the build system would
      still try to build the kernel if TARGET_AUTO_KDIR was present.
      Setting TARGET_PREBUILT_KERNEL indicates this is not wanted, so don't
      attempt to do it.
      Change-Id: Ic79b3ac1b9c946fd258ada43dce2b08bb74ea0d9
  16. 28 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Nvertigo's avatar
      apns: NOS: fix tethering and mms. · bd1a238e
      Nvertigo authored
        This fixes BUGBASH-2328 for Portuguese carrier NOS (mcc="268"
        This is an ugly workaround since you can't edit the APN definition
        anymore: if you try to save an APN with type dun, you get the error
        message: "Carrier does not allow adding APNs of type dun." But it's
        Since the preinstalled APNs does not need to be edited and this
        doesn't break anything else for this carrier, this is acceptable.
        Thanx to tfae@xda.
      Change-Id: Ic81a9549bf9610805e68b9be56c811b008cbdacb
  17. 11 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Christopher N. Hesse's avatar
      addonsu: Fix installation on Lineage recovery · 507376d7
      Christopher N. Hesse authored
      Commit fd798c51 restored the old TWRP
      workaround, which installs addonsu stuff to /system/system for
      compatibility reasons.
      However, our script currently (and correctly) mounts /system_root/system
      to /system, meaning the actual "system" contents are properly presented
      at /system. This breaks addonsu installation because of the TWRP workaround.
      Now we could just revert the TWRP workaround again and break all users on
      such setups, but instead we decided to add yet another workaround to make
      the package compatible with both TWRP and Lineage recovery systems.
      Change-Id: I7f44a29c49e07e59017d8eba7359e3f8d8b5a4f7
  18. 05 Sep, 2018 1 commit
  19. 26 Aug, 2018 2 commits
    • Joey's avatar
      lineage: enable roundIcons by default · 6f5036f9
      Joey authored
      We're using circular shape for adaptive icons,
      by turning roundIcons on we either get
      better circular icons (for apps such as Chrome) or
      the same icons as before.
      Trebuchet will still allow to swap icons shape
      Change-Id: If64ecb427b98e099c55fd3eebdb49dad9cb3dbf2
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJoey <>
    • Paul Keith's avatar
      lineage: Disable IPv4 for T-Mobile (and MetroPCS) domestically · c1a870e7
      Paul Keith authored
      * T-Mobile's domestic network is IPv6 only, and T-Mobile
        support recommends setting IPv6 only for max compat
      * T-Mobile support also recommends IPv4 only for roaming,
        however compat issues have been discovered in the past
      * Switching to IPv6 only domestically fixes an issue with
        literal IPv4 addresses failing to resolve properly on ether
      Change-Id: I7e394c6b7eebf9c106eaea5e000fe021adf421e6
  20. 19 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  21. 14 Aug, 2018 2 commits
    • Bruno Martins's avatar
      config/common: Clean up debug packages · e4d54e65
      Bruno Martins authored
       * Include all debug packages via PRODUCT_PACKAGES_DEBUG.
       * Remove oprofiled and sqlite3 from the list, because the former
         no longer exists and the latter is already part of
         build/target/product/ Also remove gdbserver, since
         it's already built by default.
      Change-Id: Icde54061cd5a85d381b756364287344c3d216957
    • Kevin F. Haggerty's avatar
      soong_config: Add TARGET_NEEDS_LEGACY_CAMERA_HAL1_DYN_NATIVE_HANDLE · 358e63ab
      Kevin F. Haggerty authored
      * A certain subset of legacy HAL1 camera devices need to use this
        specific port mode with this specific buffer type. See
        I15f8cbb3956773e2ba97032203f5e9254505d8ac for details.
      Change-Id: Ib35e14cb5cf80efc9e82a301b8e47680202f3905
  22. 10 Aug, 2018 4 commits
    • Bruno Martins's avatar
      backuptool_ab: Pick LineageOS properties from build.prop · 920f209f
      Bruno Martins authored
       * The LineageOS versions properties were removed from the build.prop,
          which is resolved properly in commit:
          "lineage: Keep LineageOS versions properties in build.prop"
          Change-Id: I0060141c097b3d14c3710eee1e0caf7110634967
      Change-Id: Ib11670474641d6fd14a00f8421e9fe8d1879bbc2
    • Adrian DC's avatar
      backuptool: Resolve incompatible version grep syntax · 05ab72ad
      Adrian DC authored
       * The grep errorlevel output was not properly used by the if,
          therefore allowing a device to upgrade with old addons
          instead of aborting the backuptool steps
       * The LineageOS versions properties were removed from the build.prop,
          which is resolved properly in commit:
          "lineage: Keep LineageOS versions properties in build.prop"
          Change-Id: I0060141c097b3d14c3710eee1e0caf7110634967
       * Introduced in the following commit:
          "backuptool: Take into account new location for system default props"
          Change-Id: I62046447876c2198a0c4f88a4f36f4723d417617
      This reverts commit 1022cc7c.
      Change-Id: I7f5a3510f64f0ecabfe9d15b5dbc1a667b210eb8
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAdrian DC <>
    • Adrian DC's avatar
      backuptool: Revert "Temporarily render version check permissive" · 29fca646
      Adrian DC authored
      This reverts commit fa279c980512c5d25de6bbd4f8d6397a2ae2b252.
      Change-Id: Ib3e88ef3ff80bd466c9ec73edc8224713d331657
    • Paul Keith's avatar
      lineage: Set perms on reading_mode sysfs · 86e79255
      Paul Keith authored
      * This is now supported by the common sysfs impl,
        so the perms should be set on the node
      Change-Id: I079301a8684f3038b7e5e72b7b2d830259c4fe60
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