Commit 52dc0ea4 authored by big biff's avatar big biff Committed by Gerrit Code Review

Merge "ors: Update doc" into android-7.1

parents ffb02bdf 79605aec
......@@ -40,16 +40,14 @@ void print_usage(void) {
printf("Allows command line usage of TWRP via openrecoveryscript commands.\n");
printf("Some common commands include:\n");
printf(" install /path/to/\n");
printf(" backup BSDC backupname\n");
printf(" restore backupname BSDC\n");
printf(" factoryreset\n");
printf(" wipe cache\n");
printf(" backup <SDCRBAEM> [backupname]\n");
printf(" restore <SDCRBAEM> [backupname]\n");
printf(" wipe <partition name>\n");
printf(" sideload\n");
printf(" set variable value\n");
printf(" get variable\n");
printf(" decrypt password\n");
printf(" set <variable> [value]\n");
printf(" decrypt <password>\n");
printf(" remountrw\n");
printf("\nSee more documentation at\n");
printf("\nSee more documentation at\n");
int do_setcap(const char* filename, const char* capabilities)
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