Commit 4a2a1914 authored by bigbiff bigbiff's avatar bigbiff bigbiff Committed by Dees Troy

adbbackup: write smaller reads less than 512 bytes

This will allow the gzip compression header to be
written properly to the adb stream.

Thanks to nkk71 for finding the issue.
Change-Id: I3d88c5f575ca3fac904d8279f1f246994be2b02f
parent 05c2de4c
......@@ -330,7 +330,7 @@ int twrpback::backup(std::string command) {
//to the adb stream.
//If the stream is compressed, we need to always write the data.
if (writedata || compressed) {
while ((bytes = read(adb_read_fd, &result, sizeof(result))) == MAX_ADB_READ) {
while ((bytes = read(adb_read_fd, &result, sizeof(result))) > 0) {
if (firstDataPacket) {
struct AdbBackupControlType data_block;
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