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      Updater: Fix Android Studio build · bf2e25d4
      Gabriele M authored
      Increase the min API level to support notification channels
      without compat libraries.
      Change-Id: Ia2f383a108dbb4fc38b3d923ac7c5e3d173fcf71
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      Add README to document the communication with the server · 548f515a
      Gabriele M authored
      While at it, move README-STUDIO.txt into the newly created file.
      Change-Id: I3e853a32d57f2d2bea3c41f7e8ec6fb22859e5f5
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      Define the entire server URL as resource · 5252d606
      Gabriele M authored
      Currently the URL is only partially customizable, part of
      it is hard-coded and there's no clear indication of it.
      Define the entire URL as resource string and use placeholders
      for runtime variables.
      Also, invalidate old overrides by changing the name of the
      Warning: lineage.updater.uri must be updated accordingly
      Change-Id: Iecfdaf9d422d08a707c7319bafea5befc6b757d2
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      Replace refresh dialog with icon animation · 4fa7ba91
      Gabriele M authored
      Change-Id: I6d2cc649b9fa8883a7256d8ecb62cb56bbf5dd59
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      Handle install errors from onPayloadApplicationComplete() · 4d5e82b8
      Gabriele M authored
      When the installation terminates because of an error, update_engine
      sets the status to IDLE and sends a notification. Thus, we might
      miss the error report and never update the status of the update.
      Change-Id: Ic1536b1c157c4dab0128f039f9512f2fb734287d
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      Make updates world readable · 8d0471ef
      Gabriele M authored
      This should allow update_engine to access the file without
      granting the dac_override capability.
      Change-Id: I5d0c8792fd47e5571dbaf802b2725f99ee2dc150
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      Use single return statement in onStartCommand() · 3aabbc7e
      Gabriele M authored
      This should prevent future changes from accidentally turning a
      sticky service into a not sticky one.
      Change-Id: I89f172626a98635149441a63536e0aa5a27f8280
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      Prevent NPE on A/B devices · 2ec8fc6c
      Gabriele M authored
      The NPE shouldn't happen as we get a null intent only when the
      service is sticky (i.e., isInstallingUpdate() is true), so this
      is currently not a problem.
      Change-Id: I8647498d9a1022f5c7207a2da3e42cf57d9ee030
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      Clear NEEDS_REBOOT preference on reboot · a409a4a0
      Gabriele M authored
      UpdateEngine doesn't send an initial notification to bound client
      if the last status is not known, so clear the preference when we
      detect that the device has been rebooted.
      Change-Id: Ib15dff5fa8ac9ec07a68018a83683cc561fd3e85
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      Set status to INSTALLING when reconnecting to the service · eecdf389
      Gabriele M authored
      Otherwise the service won't run in foreground after restarting
      the app while an update is being installed.
      Change-Id: I8a75d206ead2945e7326c144b0b4354fbb2accb4
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      Don't register multiple UpdateEngine callbacks · 28644b34
      Gabriele M authored
      We are loosely tied to UpdateEngine and have no way to know whether
      we are bound or not without keeping track of the connection manually.
      Since UpdaterService is for both A/B and legacy updates, turn
      ABUpdateInstaller into a singleton to keep the code simple while
      ensuring that a single callback is registered.
      Change-Id: Ib4e9ad1413ba96bf5ed59cc3383741b5c9bac427
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      Remove duplicate INSTALLING notification · 69e65ca4
      Gabriele M authored
      Change-Id: Ia1515aef1a24a5d54143e1423ae96f09163625bc
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