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    • Siarhei Vishniakou's avatar
      Add uhid group to system_server · 86d76dab
      Siarhei Vishniakou authored
      Ensure that uhid group (AID_UHID) is added to system_server, which would
      allow it to read/write /dev/uhid and /dev/uinput nodes. This will allow
      ATV devices to inject events.
      Bug: 138311400
      Test: none
      Change-Id: Ie20fef5b5facff109bc4e068e648f335dd3a1e2c
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      Add nvcpl hook interfaces · 51d126e0
      Aaron Kling authored
      NvCPL works in conjunction with the PowerHAL in order to adjust various
      performance knobs based on the app or device specific profiles.
      Change-Id: I4953cbb96d729dbe0cee6d7071b5933586770330
    • Aaron Kling's avatar
      Add nvidia profile manager · c7c48b01
      Aaron Kling authored
      This implements and API for apps to interface with NvCPL and by
      extension the PowerHAL.
      Reverse engineered from the Shield Experience 8.2.0 update then cleaned
      up to match Android standards.
      Change-Id: I774ac62c8867151f21712cfeee25f96a591415ad
  15. 16 Jan, 2021 1 commit
    • Michael W's avatar
      NfcTile: Don't create an error when editing tiles · 4be11d7d
      Michael W authored
      * Make sure no NfcTile is in your expanded QS (not tested what happens if
        it's there)
      * Hit the Edit-button:
      Error in handleSetListeningInternal
      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Receiver not registered:$1@7c00b87
      	at android.content.ContextWrapper.unregisterReceiver(
      	at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
      	at android.os.Looper.loop(
      * Only register or unregister the receiver if we actually need to change
      * Same code is in, presumably was also added to
        prevent unnecessary registering/unregistering
      Change-Id: I6cd8f9bffccb68596b736cc0a3a38e9c12b9c489
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    • Kevin F. Haggerty's avatar
      Merge tag 'android-security-10.0.0_r50' into staging/lineage-17.1_merge_android-security-10.0.0_r50 · 3a6c4af3
      Kevin F. Haggerty authored
      Android security 10.0.0 release 50
      * tag 'android-security-10.0.0_r50':
        Ignore GrantCredentials call with unexpected calling uid.
        Protect GrantCredentialsPermissionActivity against overlay.
        [DO NOT MERGE] Make GlobalScreenshot PendingIntents immutable
        Revoke permission on non-runtime -> runtime upgrade
        Ensure permissions are revoked on state changes
        Hide overlays over uninstall confirm dialog
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Fix CDM package check
        remove sensitive pii from safetynet logging
        DO NOT MERGE Revoke install permissions when the permission defining app is uninstalled.
        DO NOT MERGE Check fingerprint client against top activity in auth callback
        Fix the issue provider can be wrong when requesting slice permission
      Change-Id: Ia4cc8559d85770ac2d7abfaa0160b80094c8d619
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  21. 29 Dec, 2020 3 commits
    • Riddle Hsu's avatar
      Use associated display to get real size · 6343aa2a
      Riddle Hsu authored
      The display may be removed when initializing navigation bar
      for the display (add and remove quickly). Display manager
      will return null by the removed display id, then NPE.
      By using the display context, it makes sure the display is
      non-null because the context is created from createDisplayContext.
      The getRealSize just does nothing if the display was removed.
      And since the window will be removed soon, the states of these
      pending remove components are not important.
      Bug: 148952431
      Test: atest MultiDisplaySystemDecorationTests
      Change-Id: Iea5a0cab6e033418a93900627622034cd491b0fa
    • Winson Chung's avatar
      Disallow back gesture in the bottom gesture area · 20c41861
      Winson Chung authored
      Test: Manual
      Bug: 143285809
      Change-Id: I425ad13b0585661469dc37a1510ab36c12fe85f8
    • Vinit Nayak's avatar
      Set gesture exclusion rect for IMEs · 350010d2
      Vinit Nayak authored
      Use visible inset values provided by
      IMEs to set gesture exclusion rects
      for the EdgeBackGestureHandler to ignore
      regions where the keyboard is.
      If the IME has not overridden
      onComputeInsets(), InputMethodService
      uses the location of
      to approximate the location of where
      the IME region starts.
      Fixes: 141215181
      Test: Tested full screen landscape keyboards
      (Messenger, Hangouts), non full screen landscape
      keyboards (SMS Messages), searching from the top
      of the screen in the Toolbar (Google Play Store)
      [AdrianDC] Backported from Android 11 to 10 to resolve
                 back gesture navigation over the IME surface
                 while built with Go's "ro.config.low_ram=true"
                 which disables "mSupportsPictureInPicture" in
      Change-Id: I359d719493fb92d49cd309c2d00371134cd758fe
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAdrian DC <>
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      [SettingsProvider] fix font size scale validator · 6d9efc67
      Songchun Fan authored
      BUG: 156260178
      Test: builds
      Change-Id: I32f3b7ece78ec8cc97c52a0484151a6a777aa9da
      Merged-In: I32f3b7ece78ec8cc97c52a0484151a6a777aa9da
      (cherry picked from commit 9af8c636)
    • Varun Shah's avatar
      RESTRICT AUTOMERGE · da91f3a8
      Varun Shah authored
      Ensure caller identity is restored in CP quick-path.
      Bug: 172935267
      Test: PoC in bug
      Change-Id: I469bde7d0a0f89c94f1234cf40983395048962e2
      (cherry picked from commit e0553842)