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    • Luca Stefani's avatar
      Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r36' into staging/lineage-15.1-android-8.1.0_r36 · 4489d3ae
      Luca Stefani authored
      Android 8.1.0 Release 36 (OPM2.171026.006.H1)
      * tag 'android-8.1.0_r36':
        clearCallingIdentity before calling into getPackageUidAsUser
        Nullcheck to fix Autofill CTS
        Osu: fixed Mismatch between createFromParcel and writeToParcel
        DO NOT MERGE Truncate newline and tab characters in BluetoothDevice name
        Fix broken check for TelephonyManager#getForbiddenPlmns
        DO NOT MERGE (O) Revoke permision when group changed
        ResStringPool: Fix security vulnerability
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Prevent reporting fake package name - framework (backport to oc-mr1-dev)
        Use concrete CREATOR instance for parceling lists
        Rework thumbnail cleanup
        Proper autofill fix to let phone process autofill Settings activity.
      Change-Id: I6dc77f4bd29f92958b8d0c0bf37db8b00f3f720a
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    • LuK1337's avatar
      SystemUI: CellularTile: Don't call showDetail() when device is locked · 79357375
      LuK1337 authored
      * We recently enabled dualTarget for CellularTile which allowed us
        to toggle mobile data without unlocking device. Moving showDetail
        call to postQSRunnableDismissingKeyguard when the device is locked
        fixes this issue.
      Change-Id: I16dc766166a33a309a2fc945e81fa15b5d194196
  11. 22 Jun, 2018 1 commit
    • ezio84's avatar
      PhoneWindowManager: Allow torch and track skip during ambient display · 7fb32a0b
      ezio84 authored
      This allows long press power button for torch and long press
      volume buttons for track skip to work during ambient display.
      sam3000/razorloves: partial pick from:
      Author: ezio84 <>
      Date:   Fri Feb 2 01:24:34 2018 -0500
          base: Support binding the power button to flashlight
          Thanks to beanstown106 for the initial longpress action calls in
          PhoneWindowManager (improved by lineage guys)
          Allow torch action also on ambient display
          Change-Id: I12da044f86c7b625872607529cf8524615cf576b
      Author: ezio84 <>
      Date:   Sun, 7 Jan 2018 21:24:53 +0100
          Fix volume rocker skip track on Ambient Display and Lift to Wake
          we need to check if dream service is dozing before checking
          keyguard status
          Change-Id: Ic3a6c830496188bb6edf27043cd24eb2d553bb82
      Change-Id: I2463579e056364652b549524bc9775da4fa35b1f
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  13. 17 Jun, 2018 2 commits
    • Joey's avatar
      SystemUI: disable wallpaper-based tint for scrim · 759d6831
      Joey authored
      This is quite annoying especially when the lockscreen is displaying an album art.
      You don't really want to see the green of your amazing wallpaper
      picturing a gorgerous forest landscape when you're rocking Master of Puppets.
      Also several users and contributors complained about this thing.
      Also it was removed in P dp1 and it never came back in later P builds.
      Change-Id: I5ce5d5ff002f3be9b13a4cbb8df2300d0d7dcb3b
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJoey <>
    • AnilKumar Chimata's avatar
      frameworks: base: Port password retention feature · 52017a50
      AnilKumar Chimata authored
      Port password retention feature for HW FDE.
      This patch also include these changes:
         - Fix clearing of retained password
         - keyguard: Fix password doesnot sanitize after verification
         - LockSettings: fix the get password issue during boot up
         - frameworks/base: Fix pattern update issue
      Change-Id: I2def56b14c10229b72feccd1c97b281cad65f282
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    • Gabriele M's avatar
      SystemUI: Toggle USB tethering only when USB is connected · 8f5c6c9e
      Gabriele M authored
      Pressing the tile when unplugged causes USB tethering to turn on
      as soon as the cable is connected. This can happen long after the
      tile has been pressed, so don't do anything if unplugged.
      Change-Id: Ib8bbdc758097ca7af5d4e7c3483c28ba42fb9ce1
  16. 12 Jun, 2018 1 commit
    • Jesse Chan's avatar
      Add an option to force pre-O apps to use full screen aspect ratio · 80130cbc
      Jesse Chan authored
      When an app target pre-O releases, the default max aspect ratio
      is 1.86:1 which leads to ugly black areas on devices that have
      screens with higher aspect ratio (for example Galaxy S8/S9).
      This change adds an option to allow users to change aspect ratio
      for pre-O apps to full screen aspect ratio.
      Change-Id: I41d5408841593a12443be885e11959bffaebb67b
  17. 11 Jun, 2018 13 commits
    • android-build-team Robot's avatar
      Merge cherrypicks of [4314166, 4314167, 4314168, 4314169, 4314462, 4314463,... · 192433cb
      android-build-team Robot authored
      Merge cherrypicks of [4314166, 4314167, 4314168, 4314169, 4314462, 4314463, 4314464, 4314465, 4314466, 4314643, 4314644, 4314185, 4314467, 4314468, 4315341, 4315342, 4315343, 4315344, 4315345, 4314469, 4314283, 4314186, 4314187, 4314188, 4314189, 4314190, 4314191, 4314192, 4315082, 4315083, 4315084, 4315085, 4315086, 4315087, 4315088, 4315089, 4315090, 4315091, 4315092, 4314170, 4314284, 4314285, 4314286, 4314287, 4314171, 4314172, 4315346, 4314288, 4315381, 4315401, 4315402, 4314289, 4314290, 4314291, 4314292, 4314293, 4314294, 4314295, 4314296, 4314297, 4314298, 4314299, 4314300, 4315421, 4315422, 4314034, 4314229, 4315347, 4315423, 4315424, 4315314, 4315348, 4315349, 4314470, 4315425, 4315426, 4315427, 4315428, 4315429] into sparse-4732990-L02900000181396755
      Change-Id: I63bfde261a157bb1c274cb65f11df95a5a9d8534
    • Tony Mak's avatar
      clearCallingIdentity before calling into getPackageUidAsUser · fa2b0a38
      Tony Mak authored
      Fix: 70585244
      Bug: 69981755
      Test: Enable any accessibility service -> inflate work profile
            -> Tap on any work app -> no longer crash
      Test: cts-tradefed run cts-dev --module DevicePolicyManager --test
      Change-Id: I80d18f4e2ab76a228cb0aa2c8312c323a9b5c84d
      (cherry picked from commit 857326e3)
    • Eugene Susla's avatar
      Nullcheck to fix Autofill CTS · 090a4ab7
      Eugene Susla authored
      Test: presubmit
      Fixes: 70506475
      Bug: 69981755
      Change-Id: I187bed4889a4901a7137a2995178ea651ed09186
      (cherry picked from commit 6c68a692)
    • Ecco Park's avatar
      Osu: fixed Mismatch between createFromParcel and writeToParcel · 1a13aa57
      Ecco Park authored
      Bug: 77600924
      Change-Id: I46d765892e8e6839ed5140a3b0d6bb1815ccf9bc
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEcco Park <>
      (cherry picked from commit 9a59cf84)
    • Hansong Zhang's avatar
      DO NOT MERGE Truncate newline and tab characters in BluetoothDevice name · 8b81b09b
      Hansong Zhang authored
      Test: manual
      Bug: 73173182
      Change-Id: I7f2201cab36adf7f01d1a794d783cb78a536811f
      (cherry picked from commit 24da173b)
    • sqian's avatar
      Fix broken check for TelephonyManager#getForbiddenPlmns · 84e5400f
      sqian authored
      (backport from a fix merged in pi-dev)
      Bug: 73884967
      Test: Treehugger
      Change-Id: I9deaae20893184cde36dcd936fe83708fa60b830
      Merged-In: I0cf7920e138892fbcab71fae0eed1293f0b2e404
      Merged-In: I9e3456e5f1e479b0e2b102f6c90db57cd0e977fe
      (cherry picked from commit 7b52a48d)
    • Philip P. Moltmann's avatar
      DO NOT MERGE (O) Revoke permision when group changed · 855b30da
      Philip P. Moltmann authored
      If a run time permission of a group is already granted we grant the
      other permission of the group automatically when requested.
      Hence if an already granted permission changed its group during an
      update suddenly permission of a potentially not approved group will
      get auto-granted.
      This is undesirable, hence we revoke the permission during the update
      Test: atest android.permission.cts.PermissionGroupChange
      Change-Id: Ib2165d1ae53b80455ebe02e07775853e37a2e339
      Fixes: 72710897
      (cherry picked from commit 0ed1b472)
    • y's avatar
      ResStringPool: Fix security vulnerability · 31955484
      y authored
      Adds detection of attacker-modified size and data fields passed to
      ResStringPool::setTo(). These attacks are modified apks that AAPT would
      not normally generate. In the rare case this occurs, the installation
      cannot be allowed to continue.
      Bug: 71361168
      Bug: 71360999
      Test: run cts -m CtsAppSecurityHostTestCases \
                -t android.appsecurity.cts.CorruptApkTests
      Change-Id: If7eb93a9e723b16c8a0556fc4e20006aa0391d57
      Merged-In: If7eb93a9e723b16c8a0556fc4e20006aa0391d57
      (cherry picked from commit 7e54c3f2)
    • akirilov's avatar
      RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Prevent reporting fake package name - framework (backport to oc-mr1-dev) · d571d9c6
      akirilov authored
      Test: added AccessibilityEndToEndTest#testPackageNameCannotBeFaked
            cts-tradefed run cts -m CtsAccessibilityServiceTestCases
            cts-tradefed run cts -m CtsAccessibilityTestCases
      Bug: 69981755
      Change-Id: If3752e106aa7fdee4645dc9852289af471ceff18
      Merged-In: I13304efbee10d1affa087e9c8bc4ec237643283e
      (cherry picked from commit c36db6d4)
    • Fyodor Kupolov's avatar
      Use concrete CREATOR instance for parceling lists · 3692d924
      Fyodor Kupolov authored
      Replaced readTypedArrayList/writeTypedArrayList with
      Bug: 71508348
      Test: CtsAutoFillServiceTestCases pass
      Merged-In: I2a8321023b40cc74b7026eb0fb32a9cc5f5543a9
      Change-Id: Id17d02e40a4ae567bf2d74d2ea8ba4d8a943bdb7
      (cherry picked from commit 4921986d)
    • Marco Nelissen's avatar
      Rework thumbnail cleanup · 0f1d7d1a
      Marco Nelissen authored
      Bug: 63766886
      Test: ran CTS tests
      Change-Id: I1f92bb014e275eafe3f42aef1f8c817f187c6608
      (cherry picked from commit 6d2096f3)
    • Felipe Leme's avatar
      Proper autofill fix to let phone process autofill Settings activity. · 3653a266
      Felipe Leme authored
      Test: adb shell am start
      Bug: 69981710
      Fixes: 70506888
      Change-Id: Id29bad2d20b621f7379eb6144c95dcc819949b3d
      Merged-In: Id29bad2d20b621f7379eb6144c95dcc819949b3d
      (cherry picked from commit 97f16a76db29269619d9a1b45d4cea49026a5b6a)
      (cherry picked from commit 92b5d278)
    • Sam Mortimer's avatar
      Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r30' into lineage-15.1 · e1db6015
      Sam Mortimer authored
      Android 8.1.0 release 30
      # gpg: Signature made Mon 04 Jun 2018 10:23:42 AM PDT using DSA key ID 9AB10E78
      # gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found
      * tag 'android-8.1.0_r30':
        DO NOT MERGE (O) Revoke permision when group changed
        ResStringPool: Fix security vulnerability
        Use concrete CREATOR instance for parceling lists
        Rework thumbnail cleanup
        Proper autofill fix to let phone process autofill Settings activity.
        Fixed Security Vulnerability of DcParamObject
        Update internal ViewPager's SavedState to match Support Library version
        [DO NOT MERGE] Copy PermissionChecker from support lib and use in RcognitionService
        [DO NOT MERGE] Add permission check to setAllowOnlyVpnForUids
        Verify last array's length in readFromParcel
        DO NOT MERGE - fix AFM.getComponentNameFromContext()
        Make sure apps cannot forge package name on AssistStructure used for Autofill.
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    • Umang96's avatar
      SystemUI: Fix alignment glitch with brightness mirror · 39b10847
      Umang96 authored
      Alignment of brightness mirror dialog was not exatly same as the
      QS brightness dialog, which produced a visual glitch of slider
      thumb shifting whenever we change brightness.
      This is solved by dynamically handling the visibility of
      mirror brightness icon, gone when brightness icon is off and
      invisible when brightness icon is on, so that both mirror and
      QS slider are equally aligned.
      Change-Id: Ifb85643db669ee8d7473d3c48e7e4733428a77d6
  21. 03 Jun, 2018 1 commit
  22. 27 May, 2018 1 commit
    • Murat Kozan's avatar
      SystemUI: Fix Turkish translation · 6be08d37
      Murat Kozan authored
      When the device is 100% charged, the "Charged" string
      on the lock screen is translated into Turkish;
      "Ödeme alındı", English equivalent; "Payment received".
      So when the device is fully charged, it displays
      "Payment received" in English on the screen.
      Change-Id: Ic520db7d025b30f756e0662dd2ed81b7980dfcf5
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  25. 22 May, 2018 1 commit
    •'s avatar
      Update text size of overflow number view · 3823461c authored
      When density or font size is updated, overflow number view's size
      was not updated.
      Test: Group notification with overflow number existing
      > Change density or font size > Check overflow number view's size
      Change-Id: I6f464b12f83b954f7fbfdd5d64153598b5407e08
  26. 21 May, 2018 1 commit