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  1. 08 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      System Profiles in QS Tiles · cc0c2d39
      Roman Birg authored
      Contains also commit by Joey Rizzoli:
      SystemUI: Profiles tile should require authentication
      A profile with the option to disable secure lockscreen could be
      used to bypass the lockscreen security.
      Require the user to unlock their device when tapping on the profile
      quick tile.
      Change-Id: I2a438af301212241533b969bf2c6c8390ef09cbc
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  15. 30 Apr, 2018 1 commit
    • Mevlüt TOPÇU's avatar
      SystemUI: Fix Turkish AOSP translation error · cc5fe878
      Mevlüt TOPÇU authored
      When the device is 100% charged, the "Charged" string
      on the lock screen is translated into Turkish;
      "Ödeme alındı", English equivalent; "Payment received".
      So when the device is fully charged, it displays
      "Payment received" in English on the screen.
      Change-Id: I1de8e8b5500ce34635e71b9bdcdfea8fe7777fbe
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  25. 16 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      SystemUI: Advanced location tile · f741ad01
      Joey authored
      Includes the following:
      * base: LocationTile detail (I968e26b6e5e4ad0acdb347c4acc03994b73ca74b)
      * LocationTile: Behave like other tiles (I9767b9f2e812f85c664ff7721ff3d8dc9ba54aca)
      * UI improvements for Oreo changes
      Change-Id: I8ce53f535a8d52fead2e518316b4bbb716a06d75
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJoey <>
  26. 12 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      Show infinity for large notification counts · ab4f3fa2
      d34d authored
      This patch adds a new string to SystemUI for displaying the infinity
      symbol when a notification has a count larger than 999.  This only
      affects the notification icon in the status bar and does not change
      the text displayed in the actual notification.
      These changes were manually cherry-picked from cm-13.0.
      Change-Id: I3481aac13cd90ee20ed48194df3ec789c16c8b4b
  27. 11 Feb, 2018 9 commits
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      appops: Privacy Guard for O · a604f39c
      Steve Kondik authored
      Squashed commit of all PG-related features including superuser
         - Sam Mortimer
         - Danesh Mondegarian
         - Jorge Ruesga
         - Diogo Ferreira
         - Roman Birg
         - Adnan Begovic
         - Chirayu Desai
         - Lars Greiss
         - Steve Kondik
         - CodeAurora
      Pulled together from:
      Author: Danesh M <>
      Date:   Thu Sep 5 19:23:15 2013 -0700
          Privacy Guard : Reimplement backed by AppOps
          Re-implements privacy guard to use appops.
          Change-Id: I2b52e8cf0d6e126fb156f83df885b5551503cd9d
      Author: Shashank Mittal <>
      Date:   Fri Aug 16 01:09:28 2013 -0700
          AppOpsService: Add MODE_ASK support to AppOps.
          Add support for new mode(MODE_ASK) in AppOpsService to show a permission
          dialog box to user to confirm user permission before allowing or ignoring
          that operation.
          All strict operations (defined in AppOpsManager) are going to be in
          MODE_ASK by default.
          Operations will be moved to MODE_ALLOWED or MODE_IGNORED according to
          user's choice.
          Change-Id: I1314125a2b8be558e422e4a9eea0ff066c21bf94
      Author: Shashank Mittal <>
      Date:   Tue Sep 3 19:23:10 2013 -0700
          wifi: Confirm user permission before toggling wifi.
          Check user permissions before enabling/disabling wifi.
          Change-Id: I1ddae6e47f42b6d3fc831c2c135ece75cf9e935d
      Author: Shashank Mittal <>
      Date:   Thu Sep 5 17:24:44 2013 -0700
          AppOps: Add Bluetooth enable control into AppOps
          Check user permission before enabling bluetooth.
          Change-Id: Iefa4ea3319b33b2639beaf38d261d83649bbcf85
      Author: Sam Mortimer <>
      Date:   Wed Oct 2 22:06:42 2013 -0700
          [2/2] AppOps: Add per Op allowed and ignored counters
          Change-Id: Ifb3d25e17dbab082b816a0a655b4796a83af336b
      Author: Sam Mortimer <>
      Date:   Sun Oct 20 23:48:00 2013 -0700
          AppOps: track op persistence by name instead of id
          On XML write, include the op name.  On XML read, map
          the name back to op id (if it exists).
          Persistent AppOp state now follows the op name instead
          numeric id.  This allows upgrades between versions of
          android that have different code<>name mappings.
          Change-Id: Iffc02095b6838a34ff999f8db51c2c6739dd0db8
      Author: Jorge Ruesga <>
      Date:   Sat Jan 4 01:34:39 2014 +0100
          privacyguard: Share privacy package name between activity stacks
          AOSP 4.4 now has a stack supervisor with differents activity stacks for home and focus activities.
          Every ActivityStack instance has a ref to this supervisor. Just share the privacy guard package name
          throught the supervisor.
          JIRA: CYAN-2874
      Author: Steve Kondik <>
      Date:   Sun Feb 23 19:23:31 2014 +0100
          Use MODE_ASK as the default ops mode in Privacy Guard
          * Prompting the user is far more useful as a default behavior. The
            choice will be remembered after the first request.
      Author: Steve Kondik <>
      Date:   Tue Feb 25 13:11:12 2014 +0100
          Relocate and cleanup new app ops features and PGify it
      Author: Shashank Mittal <>
      Date:   Wed Dec 4 12:32:12 2013 -0800
          [2/2] Framework AppOps: Add BOOT_COMPLETED operation.
          Add BOOT_COMPLETED operation in AppOps.
          This operation is used to allow user to control auto start of
          applications and services at bootup.
          Change-Id: Ie8488ec1b4683c8617ca569cfc858709f0d35ba2
      Author: Sam Mortimer <>
      Date:   Mon Dec 8 13:51:02 2014 -0800
          Frameworks: Redirect appops strings to string references
          adapted to reflect new permission indices and codes
          Change-Id: Iba9a45838ee8eb7f5cb6ec6d29776574c86e84b6
      Author: Kun Liang <>
      Date:   Thu May 15 14:52:15 2014 +0800
          AppOps: Add nfc enable control into AppOps
          Check user permission before enabling nfc.
          Change-Id: Ia84e33c299e4fdecfd66ee933d9e7d37ed29c340
      Author: Shashank Mittal <>
      Date:   Wed Jul 16 17:31:22 2014 -0700
          AppOps: Add support for AppOps policy file
          Add support to read AppOps policy file.
          AppOps policy file can be used to configure Ops default policy.
          Change-Id: Idb4e3501ff9f58e491b06e74152342aa9574afbf
      Author: Kun Liang <>
      Date:   Thu Dec 11 12:57:33 2014 +0800
          AppOps: fix deadlock issue when showing dialog
          WindowManagerService need call PowerManagerService to release
          wakelock. The Notifier in PowerManagerService need call AppOpsService
          to notify holding wakelock ops is finished.  Meanwhile, AppOpsService
          may need call WindowManagerService to show dialog. This scenario
          will lead to deadlock issue.
          To move showing dialog action out of lock section to fix this issue.
          Since only UI work is moved out of lock area, it is supposed to be
          Change-Id: I3f2bf4b9c9d81914cfd3c0fc3fc76d0b4a06a1f6
          CRs-fixed: 786466
      Author: Diogo Ferreira <>
      Date:   Mon Dec 15 12:07:42 2014 +0000
          appops: Add support for SU
          This patch adds support for superuser app-ops control. The end-goal
          is to better prepare superuser for the multi-user experience while
          also replacing the superuser app with existing components.
          Change-Id: I52acf98a39f18f12a23f4f902a39ae3f7c5b4895
      Author: Diogo Ferreira <>
      Date:   Wed Dec 17 17:16:16 2014 +0000
          su: Add an indicator when a 'su' session is active
          This adds an indicator to the statusbar that is visible whenever a root
          session is active, akin to the fine location icon.
          Change-Id: I669fcc87e2b7a3201308170d7727ec5fb0e00e2b
      Author: Diogo Ferreira <>
      Date:   Wed Jan 14 08:44:03 2015 +0000
          appops: Disassociate appops requests from notification broadcasts
          The AppOpsService is essentially a manager for a set of counters
          and permissions. Each operation request has the potential to change
          the state and, as such, access to such state is synchronized.
          We are whitnessing deadlocks caused by the broadcast and, in fact,
          while we want to notify superuser changes eventually, it does not
          have to be synchronous with the app ops request. This patch uses the
          request to schedule the notification on a handler, leaving the locking
          semantics of appops intact.
          Change-Id: I94f6dd2c66b9492f95d3c9ffb438b3e6417007d7
      Author: Lars Greiss <>
      Date:   Sat Apr 25 03:01:35 2015 +0300
          Launch app privacy settings when tapping on PG notification (1/2)
          Based on
          JIRA: CYAN-6077
          Change-Id: I8632e8c944c1d5d7ad2fb2a2276bae5fe2d4a0a0
      Author: Roman Birg <>
      Date:   Tue Oct 27 11:52:53 2015 -0700
          AppOps: fix wifi scan op
          There's no direct permission tied to it and fix the op-to-switch entry.
          Change-Id: I661ef6707ba50adb371e3223a91880c4838df669
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
      Author: Roman Birg <>
      Date:   Tue Oct 27 13:44:57 2015 -0700
          AppOps: add a default constructor
          Change-Id: I4229a65c362fe4915e62684e5ebc209525c9f9d3
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
      Author: Roman Birg <>
      Date:   Thu Oct 29 12:59:14 2015 -0700
          add missing app ops to string array
          Also added op codes to prevent further mismatches.
          Change-Id: I6e20cc5bcabe6a3216cec47d984768bf12cf4311
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
      Author: Roman Birg <>
      Date:   Mon Nov 2 09:50:47 2015 -0800
          AppOps: relax some system appops for systemui
          Grant wifi, bt, boot_complete, nfc, and data changes for systemui.
          Also remove the bluetooth permission tied to the bluetooth_change op -
          it is not always directly tied to BLUETOOTH or BLUETOOTH_ADMIN, so we
          can't force one there.
          Change-Id: Ib042dc34b0763b2d84a57baa71dc9fa995724d64
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
      Author: Chirayu Desai <>
      Date:   Mon Dec 7 14:10:44 2015 -0800
          Allow disabling the privacy guard notification - port from cm-12.1 (2/3)
          Change-Id: Iab0288f50685220c8be0c11ea5075f91ec1bbe32
      Author: Michael Bestas <>
      Date:   Sun Jan 3 04:36:26 2016 +0200
          Revert "AppOps: add a default constructor"
          * Not needed after
          This reverts commit 19e0ce07.
          Change-Id: I12bfe4f7d119627a3fe08d01e8ae5b065b0f709a
      Author: Gabriele M <>
      Date:   Wed Jan 6 18:27:32 2016 +0100
          Align checkbox and description in permission confirmation dialog
          Change-Id: I9a9ab3a3f59e3d56fc774174ba37d9e191698fe5
      Author: Adnan Begovic <>
      Date:   Mon May 23 16:06:10 2016 -0700
          appops: Implement concept of delayedcount.
           High frequency request ops will be delayed until their ignore count
           ceiling is met. This is to mitigate the overloading the main activity
           manager service handler and having watchdog kill our service.
           Google play services likes to share its uid with numerous packages to avoid
           having to grant permissions from the users perspective and thus is the worst
           example of overloading this queue -- so, to not encourage bad behavior,
           we move them to the back of the line. NOTE: these values are magic, and may need
           tuning. Ideally we'd want a ringbuffer or token bucket here to do proper rate
          Change-Id: I5c3e88807abc80f9700dd68dcecd87dac4626de7
          TICKET: CYNGNOS-2869
      Author: Adnan Begovic <>
      Date:   Tue May 24 18:17:03 2016 -0700
          appops: Respect screen interactivity before creating dialogs.
            If the device's screen is currently off, do not queue ask
            runnables who cannot be interacted with. Since these events
            are gating mechanisms for closing an IPC loop, they need to
            happen when the user is interacting with the device.
            Likewise, on screen off, clear the queue of every op as they
            become unnecessary.
          Change-Id: Ie930d200839c9408e882510c6bc3ede37ea889ef
          TICKET: CYNGNOS-2869
      Author: Gabriele M <>
      Date:   Sun Aug 6 13:08:33 2017 +0200
          Change visibility of the Privacy Guard ops set
          Change-Id: Iafcf058f5e2074982bf45f8c82ef8d027b9358f0
      Author: Unpublished <>
      Date:   Tue Oct 24 21:09:31 2017 +0200
          We don't want to feel deprecated...
          use official api instead of deprecated internal method that prints an
          error everytime we call it
          Change-Id: Ie00efe5f514ff8db2b82eeade3a588a17af8cfb4
      Author: Jane Manchun Wong <>
      Date:   Wed Mar 1 23:37:58 2017 -0500
          Remove Cid from PrivacyGuard's notification icon
          Change-Id: I5dfe6c2d10e9dd1a022e50e02f72151b1b8a520e
      Author: Zhao Wei Liew <>
      Date:   Tue Sep 6 21:33:57 2016 +0800
          core: Import some PG string improvements from CM 13.0
          This commit partially squashes the following commits:
          core: String improvements from cm-12.1
          String update, change wording from "Mobile" to "Cellular"
          Change-Id: I0616eb06f48813814b4005e9b60358669f69b0c8
      Change-Id: I5414dd0be6a81e143f5035e58709ac4258c93616
    • Steve Kondik's avatar
      SystemUI: LiveDisplay tile · 31fbc981
      Steve Kondik authored
      Change-Id: I53d492e5cb9998268104d5750705aa5ed55d9658
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJoey Rizzoli <>
      livedisplay: Allow tile creation before boot completed phase [2/2]
      [mikeioannina]: Refactor for Oreo
      Change-Id: Ibef44d4e07da9baf296796515288c9d42aba8608
    • Sam Mortimer's avatar
      frameworks/base: Allow customisation of navbar app switch long press action · 19243ce2
      Sam Mortimer authored
      Change-Id: Idfb12a7bae6d921d207b5becd69b1005ce3d2b92
    • Alexander's avatar
      SysUI: Add Russian translation for accessibility_battery_level_charging · 045d485b
      Alexander authored
      Change-Id: I6594d67c572c90e44b01335bf2a0785f47bc4ecf
    • Sam Mortimer's avatar
      SystemUI: Network Traffic [1/3] · c892ddee
      Sam Mortimer authored
      *) Add lineage-sdk internal NetworkTraffic to the statusbar
         using the LineageStatusBarItemHolder helper.
      Change-Id: Ib947832860970a3bccfac70d27a4761f6164d3d5
    • Michael Bestas's avatar
      frameworks: Power menu customizations · 28bc3b45
      Michael Bestas authored
       * Forward-ported to Oreo, based on the following changes from previous branches.
         Reduced footprint in the frameworks, after moving some stuff to our SDK.
       * Includes:
           - Updated airplane mode and user switcher style to match new power menu
           - Fixed airplane mode switch issues
           - New advanced restart style to match new power menu style,
             based on Max Weninger <> initial implementation
         The possible actions are:
           - Power off
           - Restart (with advanced options)
           - Screenshot
           - User switcher
           - Airplane mode
           - Bug report
      Author: Ricardo Cerqueira <>
      Date:   Mon Nov 4 03:37:40 2013 +0000
          framework: Add advanced reboot options (2 of 2)
          This commit is an squash of the commits below and re-adds the reboot
          logic to CM.
          I took the liberty to rewrite some of the ShutdownThread code because
          it had some lingering issues present since I originally wrote this
          for CM7 (!!). Namely, the reboot reason was being changed when the items
          are pressed instead of when the user presses the positive button. This
          made some people add workarounds like handling back button presses and
          whatnot, these are gone now.
          commit 588464bea40b92b04c4aeee35c47f7becceeed56
          Author: Roman Birg <>
          Date:   Thu Jul 10 14:20:42 2014 -0700
              advanced reboot: add soft reboot option
              Adds a "Soft reboot" option which restarts zygote, as requested in JIRA
              Change-Id: Ia6e5ed9b053e1c5ebd1fc55e5692858b97f7e0fc
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
          commit 3e7b92551bbf818ace41cd9b9532473ed7d18f2f
          Author: Veeti Paananen <>
          Date:   Tue Jul 23 16:34:35 2013 +0300
              Show advanced reboot if using an insecure lock screen
              Enables the advanced reboot menu when locked if the selected lock method
              is insecure (= slide unlock).
              Change-Id: I759b7b31c5411597e2537a85183d73ec02eb2461
          commit cf42ed3993d5d05c9b2591883fefb6338fbcdd40
          Author: DvTonder <>
          Date:   Thu Feb 21 18:20:01 2013 -0500
              Framework: Show the Advanced reboot menu only for the primary user
              Change-Id: I73f82eade26f268e2b4608fa23cabcf0bb8fc862
          commit 08aa6fd643e0359114b86f50053921dd2d86fc50
          Author: Ricardo Cerqueira <>
          Date:   Mon Nov 4 03:37:40 2013 +0000
              Framework: Add Advanced reboot (2 of 2)
              This commit responds to a setting in Development settings for including
              options in the power menu for rebooting into recovery or bootloader. It
              is defauled to off.
              When enabled, the Advanced reboot options will only be available once the
              device is unlocked.
      Change-Id: I2bc1e7024abb69cb62154d3081df5a3eb7e79df9
      Author: Michael Bestas <>
      Date:   Fri Nov 21 23:31:53 2014 +0200
          Enhance power menu reboot option
          * Use our old reboot icon
          * Set correct dialog title & message when rebooting
          * Move strings to cm_strings
          * Add back reboot_download string used by samsung devices
          * Remove Chinese translations, will be handled through crowdin
          Change-Id: I3ba0e20dcdba0a295a071304048eebab6cfcf49d
      Author: Michael Bestas <>
      Date:   Sat Jan 31 06:06:38 2015 +0200
          GlobalActions: Use circular user avatars
          * Use circular & smaller avatars, logic copied from SystemUI
          * Improve current user indication (thanks to maxwen)
          Change-Id: I81e6c4afd604f5cb8b22e2c4db9b174bbe7fb3f0
          Ticket-Id: OPO-456, CYNGNOS-1901
      Author: Jorge Ruesga <>
      Date:   Fri Oct 23 19:55:12 2015 +0200
          base: don't show reboot options for safe mode
          In a user long press in "power off" menu the system lead it to "reboot to safe mode", but if
          the our advance power menu is enabled, we are showing the reboot options instead of the
          safe mode advice message. Since reboot options doesn't made sense here is better to
          respect the original behavior.
          Change-Id: I45e7f7a780655ed79d442f583fd9ffa6fba4e447
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJorge Ruesga <>
      Author: Zhao Wei Liew <>
      Date:   Sat Dec 10 18:07:51 2016 +0800
          core: Adjust power menu icons for 7.1
          Resize the icons to fit in with the new power off & restart icons.
          Also, use an icon without a home button for the screenshot icon,
          since home button-less phones are a growing trend.
          Change-Id: I5131346f65345010bba45dca04f3d767e6f9746a
      Author: Dave Kessler <>
      Date:   Wed Feb 18 10:27:58 2015 +0200
          GlobalActions: Always add power off option to power menu
          Change-Id: I3083cda3b8c665a65f1260984a5be41faa384510
      Author: Zhao Wei Liew <>
      Date:   Fri Dec 9 20:52:29 2016 +0800
          GlobalActions: Inform user of screenshot long-press action
          Long-press actions are extremely obscure.
          Hiding the partial screenshot feature behind a long-press
          action is highly detrimental to its discoverability.
          Inform the user of the screenshot long-press action
          by displaying a short summary message.
          Change-Id: I949bd0ef80a654d6cdf852b7a3138e7379ad36d2
      Author: Michael Bestas <>
      Date:   Sat Nov 7 23:52:26 2015 +0200
          Fix reboot dialog messages
          * Fix mismerge
          * Fix wrong messages being displayed when rebooting to recovery
          Change-Id: I09a04cc82d48539e8086fd55c30d6160c292bc08
      Author: "longyu.huang" <>
      Date:   Thu, 9 Apr 2015 00:09:43 -0700
          The DUT can't screen shot in guest mode
          Change-Id: I6c40f8b5399ed1a8f9d52ddf0ed28266eea8f48c
      Change-Id: Id561b0111e8cc7a80c345668d79a363ec0ec389c
    • Adnan Begovic's avatar
      frameworks: Add unlinked ringtone and notification volumes · 7d9081a2
      Adnan Begovic authored
      Port over linked volumes from 12.1
      Implement linked volumes and add upgrade path.
      Change-Id: Ibbeff656fcaaa4a2ff79de530b48b216df271b21
      frameworks: read VOLUME_LINK_NOTIFICATION from proper table
      Change-Id: I15e9caa18f307a51a732c7a59013bbbb234a7477
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
      (cherry picked from commit 1b7cfa17)
      fix Notification volume slider linking
      Change-Id: I0f74485f5c8c2aa7698cf9ba1c60c2c8c967798d
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
      Improve SeekBarVolumizer behavior with unlinked streams
      - Fix notification stream enabling at 0 volume
      - Fix the notification slider being set when moving ringer stream
      Change-Id: If3705cc833c07f726f8ad7b1ec79a42e86e8ff22
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
      base: Fix notification sounds for wifi only devices
      The linking of voice & notification doesn't take into account the
      fact that a device may not actually have voice capabilities.  Whenever
      checking whether or not to link notification and ring volumes, also
      verify that the device really is voice capable.
      Change-Id: Iae49302d3b5934d36b182e289e4975f5dd85b834
      frameworks: fix setting up linked notification stream on boot
      updateStreamVolumeAlias() was previously responsible for checking the
      linked notification variable and mapping the notification stream, but
      the setting to read whether the notifications were linked was read in
      after that method had run which was responsible for linking them.
      Extract the logic and re-run it again after reading the persisted
      Change-Id: Ia62bf3ca072def54ec6ebf4f9e865d9c913e3bc4
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
      fixup volume stream linking
      - Make the SeekBarVolumizer move notification and ringer streams when
       linked and moving ringer.
      - Fix initial state causing volume stream seek bar to be set to 0
      - Clean up AudioService initialization code
      Change-Id: Ia11a7a392e5eb3ef862147843e365d5f20eaf90a
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
      SystemUI: Fix volume panel inconsistencies
      * Use xml drawables everywhere
      * Add muted notification icon
      * Use AOSP naming scheme for drawables
      Change-Id: I14a3af9a7aecf4828f81a8e39855608e452848d6
      Misc fixes
      Change-Id: Ia94b0a6655e52f5949f031360f525c871cd8df14
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMeninblack007 <>
      Use STREAM_RING on non-voice capable devices
      * That's what Google does.
      Change-Id: Iac88d161eb1dccbbb5c538d5e04d8d1fc43edef2
      (cherry picked from commit 981e89eb)
      VolumeDialog: Fix mismerge
      Fixes not disappearing cast pickers
      * Commit 568585b4 introduced a new LinearLayout for the volume rows
      * Remove unused booleans
      Change-Id: I0660d10872cc1098fdd67b618a20ea0f8e926e68
      Change-Id: Ia11a7a392e5eb3ef862147843e365d5f20eaf90a
    • Utkarsh Gupta's avatar
      Allow screen unpinning on devices without navbar · cd97f111
      Utkarsh Gupta authored
      Change-Id: Iedfc08f4d95bbee3c8578c0d2450b90739e63603
      Screen Pinning: Show correct text for on screen nav.
        Similar to I09c2ef661bff272cb4f7ca43bac0e45f4b20a4d4,
        we're not getting an instance of PhoneWindowManager which
        we can rely on to update dynamically.
        TICKET: OPO-393
      Change-Id: Iacf8221066461fb6940dd88432e665812545c3ff
    • Roman Birg's avatar
      SystemUI: add left and right virtual buttons while typing · af482649
      Roman Birg authored
      Adapt for cm-12.0.
      [cyanogen] refactor for cm-14.0
      [LuK1337] update for 8.1
      Squashes the following commits:
          Fix side button visibility tracking.
          Previously one could e.g. get legacy menu button being visible in
          certain scenarios, like this one:
          - Open legacy app, e.g. CatLog
          - Invoke IME
          - Lock screen
          - Unlock screen
          - Result: Menu button visible in keyguard
          Change-Id: Ia796f73ec995ea1cc34d38f8aefdbccda7be7565
          SystemUI: fix up navigation cursor keyevent flags
          Volume cursor controls use slightly different flags to keep the cursor
          within the field. Match them in the SystemUI for consistent (and better)
          Change-Id: I56d597f111ec611b0ca24a10f30575401fa76d18
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
          SystemUI: fix up initial cursor down flags on nav bar
          We were using the regular flags for the initial ACTION_DOWN event so the
          FLAG_KEEP_TOUCH_MODE was not being passed and allowed the cursor to jump
          out of bounds slightly.
          Change-Id: I5b4d2a5e5e0ce562985fcc3b7b6fac8b4abc49da
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
      Change-Id: Iea446443d33ff305765e47c86523b619676116ac
  28. 10 Feb, 2018 2 commits
    • Gavin Ni's avatar
      base: show bluetooth battery status when available · f75fc44a
      Gavin Ni authored
      [LuK1337] Clean up, rewrite using BluetoothDevice API.
      Change-Id: I659e6270058d02fdd894b8242a6375b1a13237df
    • BestPig's avatar
      SystemUI: add USB Tether tile · ae7e1224
      BestPig authored
       * Added vector drawables (blunden)
       * Long click action changed to open Tethering options, in the same way
         as Google does for Hotspot tile (bgcngm)
       * USB Tethering enablement check refactored (bgcngm and luca020400)
      Change-Id: Ic44f2b596fe32152f3f722347a855325c52113c6