Commit 086637e7 authored by Harikrishnan Hariharan's avatar Harikrishnan Hariharan Committed by Ole Birketvedt
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Remove unnecessary net_raw/net_admin from location modules

Remove net_raw/net_admin from groups for service properties
of loc_launcher in init.qcom.rc.  For accessing qmi service
16, location modules need to have the qmi socket to give
permission to gps gid rather than net_raw. Modifies sec_
config for to allow this.

Change-Id: I2c687d3e396a055212951bb3f11534af718acba5
CRs-Fixed: 1026637
parent 4add0e2e
/* IPC Security Config */
/* <GPS QMI Service ID - 16>:<GPS QMI Instance ID - all instances>:<Client Group ID> */
/* <LOWI QMI Service ID - 38>:<LOWI QMI Instance ID - all instances>:<Client Group ID> */
/* Allow SS CTL service to be used by system and net_raw processes */
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