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    • ssizon's avatar
      fstab: Update mmc/usb sysfs paths to 4.9. · b87c38ce
      ssizon authored
      kernel 4.9 is uses path
    • ssizon's avatar
      Compile a few vendor packages · a2f26c99
      ssizon authored
      since adding these to vendor makefile did not work for some reason we refrence tem from device tree
      (cherry picked from commit cda00db1cc864f69cd09dd517229feddc87e2310)
    • Romain Hunault's avatar
      Enable nlp location · ad66a957
      Romain Hunault authored
    • dianlujitao's avatar
      power: Ignore interaction boost sequence in a short period · 9ec61e4c
      dianlujitao authored
       * When slowly, but continuously scrolling, a sequence of zero duration
         boosts are fired by the framework. They quickly fill up the internal
         limitation of MPCTL, as a result all incoming boosts get ignored.
       * Fixing the following logspam:
          ANDR-PERF-MPCTL: Active req limit reached, No optimizations performed
       * This restores cm-14.1 behavior.
      Change-Id: I977e844935539a4598a749c77f4c0934ca93a2b7
    • Quallenauge's avatar
      power: Simplify interactive code path. · fe78e26a
      Quallenauge authored
      Perform all optimizations in perfboostconfig.xml instead
      of hardcode the actions here to gain more flexibility.
      Note: Because the common power implementation will log
      some "not handled" messages on each interaction processing,
      this function is implemented to quit these logs.
      Change-Id: I3f536d50260d077e8b8ad54342fd512ae3977d91
    • Quallenauge's avatar
      power: Remove not supported power op codes. · 382685d3
      Quallenauge authored
      These where out of date, when using kernel 4.9 with
      SCHED governor.
      Change-Id: I901816fcb16eadfc85545456b6ba4ba838c6e5c9
    • BeYkeRYkt's avatar
      power: use SCROLL_PREFILING for short interactions · 6f022e0e
      BeYkeRYkt authored
      * In the CAF branch, SCROLL_PREFILING is used during interface redrawing, when
        continuous scrolling occurs or possible flinging is expected. Use this hint
        during a short interaction.
      * Use SCROLL_VERTICAL if we have scrolling duration information according to CAF.
      * For some SoC or devices, the hint variables SCROLL_VERTICAL and SCROLL_PREFILING
        may be different.
      Change-Id: I0781f566165c36eb658f755b2e4a10751c730026
    • BeYkeRYkt's avatar
      power: use boost when flinging detected · 26d15e96
      BeYkeRYkt authored
      * Remove touchboost for msm8937/msm8953/msm8996, since 'SCROLL_VERTICAL'
        switches 'sched_boost' to '1' forcing all tasks to switch to a big cluster,
        which can affect the power consumption and heat dissipation in some
        situations on some devices.
      Change-Id: I3dfcad76e9ec3d89b46b106405291da8020b3176
    • Quallenauge's avatar
      power: Take SCHED governor into account. · 2fb1c688
      Quallenauge authored
      Change-Id: I9bee01be12a8afad5795f14b43e79a1f60ca0aa0
    • Sooraj S's avatar
      FP3: Use Samsung remosaic blobs for Tetra-cell camera s5k3p9sp · 034f8079
      Sooraj S authored
       Address a few selinux denials
    • Andrew Hexen's avatar
      FP3 sepolicy: address hotspot denials · 80280cef
      Andrew Hexen authored
      hostapd_cli: type=1400 audit(0.0:360): avc: denied { sendto } for uid=1000 path="/data/vendor/wifi/hostapd/ctrl/wlan0" scontext=u:r:hostapd:s0 tcontext=u:r:hal_wifi_hostapd_default:s0 tclass=unix_dgram_socket
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Hexen <SyberHexen@gmail.com>
      Change-Id: I922a0dc56f6a0ecd72d9424bfc846300ca7c21df
    • Joshua Blanchard's avatar
      bluetooth: Enable AOSP bluetooth audio HAL v2 · ef2944e6
      Joshua Blanchard authored
      * audio_policy_configuration.xml in device trees need to
         be updated with the new a2dp & bluetooth policy changes.
    • LuK1337's avatar
      audio: Don't advertise vorbis offloading support · a45a2085
      LuK1337 authored
      * Doesn't work at all.
      Change-Id: I8cd6341b240c3820dbbdef497e23e785b6ed99dc
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