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    • nkk71's avatar
      Fix stuck on 'black' screen entering recovery · a2341b0c
      nkk71 authored
      * In omni-8.0 'android.hidl.base@1.0.so', although properly built
        does not get copied to the /sbin/ directory for TWRP, resulting
        in TWRP constantly *trying* to restart with the missing lib:
          CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "/sbin/recovery":
          library "android.hidl.base@1.0.so" not found
        Leading to a stuck on "black" screen (or some splash screen, but
        never even reaching TWRP splash screen).
      Change-Id: I10a3c3d72c0f141687dbbf552e59fb31c015b278
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    • nkk71's avatar
      vold_decrypt: FDE Keymaster 3.0 support · 7d1222a5
      nkk71 authored
      * HTC U11 Oreo is using keymaster3 FDE encryption which requires
        the new services:
          1- /system/bin/hwservicemanager
          2- /vendor/bin/hw/android.hardware.keymaster@3.0-service
          3- /vendor/bin/qseecomd (instead of /system/bin/qseecomd)
        So in addition to /vendor/lib and /vendor/lib64 also
        symlink /system/vendor/bin to /vendor/bin.
      * vold_decrypt services now have separate prefixes:
          1- 'sys_' referring to /system/bin
          2- 'ven_' referring to /vendor/bin
      * The additional (hwservicemanager, keymaster-3-0) and modified
        (qseecomd) .rc files have been updated in the vold_decrypt
        Comments were added directly in the .rc files, please check
      * /etc/recovery.fstab needs to be temporarily moved since
        vold will use it if it finds the '/sbin/recovery' file
        (refer to fs_mgr for the fstab load code https://goo.gl/8KaZyf).
        Since fs_mgr cannot parse TWRP style fstab, we 'hide' it
        and attempt to create a symlink to /fstab.{ro.hardwa...
    • Ethan Yonker's avatar
      FBE for Pixel 2 · fefe5915
      Ethan Yonker authored
      Includes various minor fixes for building in Android 8 trees with r23+ tag
      Update FBE extended header in libtar to version 2 and include the entire
      ext4_encryption_policy structure now after translating the policy.
      See this post for more details:
      Change-Id: I2af981e51f459b17fcd895fb8c2d3f6c8200e24b
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    • Ethan Yonker's avatar
      Fix issues building with LineageOS cryptfs_hw · dcd9f3f3
      Ethan Yonker authored
      Change-Id: Ie22691433aefa3b8819ec14e0349ee12bd88a1c2
  11. 27 Nov, 2017 3 commits
    • Ethan Yonker's avatar
      Support v2 fstab format · 6e8c27a5
      Ethan Yonker authored
      Auto detect and support both the v1 and v2 fstab formats
      Support putting TWRP style flags in a separate /etc/twrp.flags file
      twrp.flags format is the same as twrp.fstab (v1 with TWRP flags)
      Support using a wildcard in a block device and find all partitions:
      /usb-otg vfat /dev/block/sda*
      Support using sysfs entries (voldmanaged) and read uevents and scan for
      wildcard partitions from uevent data. (twvold?)
      May not be complete for some of the newer flags found in fstabs in newer
      build trees and there is a slim chance of a crash if the user removes a
      removable device while TWRP is performing actions. May need to add some
      kind of mutex to prevent the 2 threads from causing this crash. We need
      to start somewhere though and this change is pretty innocuous when not
      using a v2 fstab.
      Change-Id: I617d97c7db332cbe671a9d2b8ad98b3d9c4f03cc
    • bigbiff bigbiff's avatar
      ADB Backup: Fix gzip backup and restore · adcb4d8c
      bigbiff bigbiff authored
      Change-Id: I92821c7053089d130a5ab73fa36aec486da77bf1
    • bigbiff bigbiff's avatar
      ADB Backup: add ability for TWRP GUI to restore · 19fb79c7
      bigbiff bigbiff authored
      Restore adb backup files that TWRP made to your PC.
      Put files in your backup directory to see them.
      e.g. /sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/<sn>
      Change-Id: I2c57970d77b64c39a302159041456e761c185259
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    • nkk71's avatar
      Auto detect possible use of legacy props · b4c35913
      nkk71 authored
      * Revert: Make legacy props an option disabled by default
        (reverted from commit 75aa6157)
      * Instead check for ANDROID_PROPERTY_WORKSPACE in the updater-
        binary to determine whether legacy property service can be
      Change-Id: If68d5cca9a2b56edcb1c73db0474668cf46d8c91
    • nkk71's avatar
      Fix mkfs.f2fs build error · 04ec0952
      nkk71 authored
      * OmniROM 8.0 uses AOSP f2fs-tools which builds a static
        mkfs.f2fs directly to $(TARGET_RECOVERY_ROOT_OUT)/sbin
      Change-Id: I364a13e33e71abceab2f9ba1bd3179c2d9672b27
    • nkk71's avatar
      Fix 'No OS' on System_Image restore after wipe · 884bb2bc
      nkk71 authored
      * When you format the system partition, it will remain
        in a mounted state.
      * Subsequently restoring a system_image (even though
        successfully) the Update_System_Details() function
        will not correctly update the system partition
      * Reproducible by:
        1- Advanced wipe: System
        2- Restore: System_Image
        3- Reboot -> No OS prompt
      * eg: [
             ~ # twrp get tw_min_system
                 tw_min_system = 50
             ~ # twrp get tw_backup_system_size
                 tw_backup_system_size = 8
             ~ # mount -o ro /system
             ~ # du -sh /system
                 3.5G    /system
      Change-Id: I99f75274816788dd38eccdd387f7ac691e1f3fab
  15. 02 Nov, 2017 2 commits
    • android-build-team Robot's avatar
      Merge cherrypicks of [3156476, 3155698, 3156194, 3156639, 3156018, 3156477,... · 435a2031
      android-build-team Robot authored
      Merge cherrypicks of [3156476, 3155698, 3156194, 3156639, 3156018, 3156477, 3156098, 3156099, 3156100, 3156101, 3156102, 3158393, 3155699, 3155700, 3156195, 3156196, 3156019, 3156020, 3158394] into oc-mr1-release
      Change-Id: I2a293bf3975f633db807bb800e1707f73e8d74b9
    • Tao Bao's avatar
      update_verifier: Fix the wrong computation with group_range_count. · ba30867b
      Tao Bao authored
      'group_range_count' doesn't properly consider the pair-wise range
      structure. It may split the ranges into wrong pairs if it evaluates to
      an odd number.
      For example, for an input range string of "6,0,2,10,12,20,22" with 4
      threads, group_range_count becomes 1. It would then try to verify (0,2),
      (2,10), (10,12) and (12,20). Note that (2,10) and (12,20) are not valid
      ranges to be verified, and with (20,22) uncovered.
      Bug: 68343761
      Test: Trigger update_verifier verification. Check the number of verified
            blocks against the one in care_map.txt.
      Change-Id: I7c5769325d9866be06c45e7dbcc0c8ea266de714
      (cherry picked from commit 62caeb5f48c9d7b1a8ed97c4a021195b8499b804)
      (cherry picked from commit 559a6d1d2ae2e5145641e1eb16e2c015d756d8c9)
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    • Bill Yi's avatar
      Import translations. DO NOT MERGE · c9b04168
      Bill Yi authored
      Auto-generated-cl: translation import
      Exempt-From-Owner-Approval: translation import
      Bug: 64712476
      Change-Id: Ia05d14ff5b7f6b283f46566c88a4edc4a89d5576