1. 27 Nov, 2017 1 commit
  2. 01 Aug, 2016 1 commit
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      ADB: Add adb backup for TWRP. · ce8f83c4
      bigbiff authored
      Functionality for client side to backup
      tar and image streams over adbd to the client under backup.ab.
      Using adb backup on the client side you can backup the partitions
      TWRP knows about.
      On the client side you can do the following:
      adb backup -f <filename> --twrp <options> where options are
      --compress: compress data
      system: backup system
      cache: backup cache
      data: backup data
      boot: backup boot
      etc for each partition.
      You can string multiple options,
      i.e. adb backup -f <filename> --twrp --compress cache system data
      adb backup in TWRP will take any option corresponding
      to TWRP fstab partitions, e.g. efs boot as well.
      If you do not specify the filename with the -f option,
      adb will backup your data to a filename backup.ab on the client.
      You can then rename the file and encrypt it with desktop tools.
      If you don't want to use command line arguments:
      adb backup --twrp
      will bring up the gui and allow you to choose partitions
      from the backup page.
      To restore the backup use the following convention:
      adb restore <filename>
      Structures are used to store metadata in binary inside
      of the file itself. If the metadata structure is modified,
      update the adb version so that it will invalidate older
      backups and not cause issues on restore. When restoring,
      we currently do not support picking specific partitions.
      It's all or nothing.
      Change-Id: Idb92c37fc9801dc8d89ed2a4570e9d12e76facf8
  3. 29 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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      get rid of console thread for OpenRecoveryScript · 10ae24ff
      that authored
      - CLI commands run in a threaded action "twcmd"
      - Console is displayed via "singleaction_page"
      - move ORS execution code from GUI action to OpenRecoveryScript class
      - remove unused function gui_changePackage
      - don't change PageManager package in home action
      - fix that /tmp/openrecoveryscript was not deleted after execution
      Change-Id: Ic688c0b04647ce09e9db979b0bc5123f47cf4f70
  4. 09 Aug, 2014 1 commit
    • Ethan Yonker's avatar
      Add command line capabilities · 03a42f6c
      Ethan Yonker authored
      Allows sending openrecoveryscript commands to TWRP via shell.
      This may be handy for visually impaired users, for various one
      click utilities to drive TWRP commands from a computer, for using
      TWRP when a catastrophic hardware failure like a shattered screen
      prevents you from being able to use touch, or even on devices like
      a TV stick where touch and USB mouse input is unavailable.
      This patch also includes a few minor changes to openrecoveryscript
      including proper support for rebooting via the script and for
      decrypting the device via the command line.
      Change-Id: I796ad168efdd2da9c25334ac93d1079daaa7b0bc
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      TWRP-ify AOSP code · 51a0e82e
      Dees_Troy authored
      Pull in most TWRP sources
      Stub out partition management code
      Make it compile -- probably will not boot
      Kind of a mess but have to start somewhere