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    Add tests for update_binary_command(). · a233a89d
    Tao Bao authored
    Expose update_binary_command() through private/install.h for testing
    Also make minor clean-ups to install.cpp: a) adding more verbose logging
    on ExtractToMemory failures; b) update_binary_command() taking
    std::string instead of const char*; c) moving a few macro and global
    constants into update_binary_command().
    Bug: 37300957
    Test: recovery_component_test on marlin
    Test: Build new recovery and adb sideload on angler and sailfish.
    Change-Id: Ib2d9068af3fee038f01c90940ccaeb0a7da374fc
    Merged-In: Ib2d9068af3fee038f01c90940ccaeb0a7da374fc
    (cherry picked from commit bc4b1fe4)
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