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    update_verifier: Fix the wrong computation with group_range_count. · ba30867b
    Tao Bao authored
    'group_range_count' doesn't properly consider the pair-wise range
    structure. It may split the ranges into wrong pairs if it evaluates to
    an odd number.
    For example, for an input range string of "6,0,2,10,12,20,22" with 4
    threads, group_range_count becomes 1. It would then try to verify (0,2),
    (2,10), (10,12) and (12,20). Note that (2,10) and (12,20) are not valid
    ranges to be verified, and with (20,22) uncovered.
    Bug: 68343761
    Test: Trigger update_verifier verification. Check the number of verified
          blocks against the one in care_map.txt.
    Change-Id: I7c5769325d9866be06c45e7dbcc0c8ea266de714
    (cherry picked from commit 62caeb5f48c9d7b1a8ed97c4a021195b8499b804)
    (cherry picked from commit 559a6d1d2ae2e5145641e1eb16e2c015d756d8c9)
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