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Translated using Weblate (Gaelic)

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Translation: /e//Notes
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......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
\n -Sguab às iomadh nòta aig an aon àm
\n -Reandaraich MarkDown
\n -Air eadar-theangachadh gu iomadh cànan</string>
<string name="preferences_app_info_title">Fiosrachadh mu na nòtaichean</string>
<string name="preferences_app_info_title">Fiosrachadh mu aplacaid nan nòtaichean</string>
<plurals name="ab_selected">
<item quantity="one">Chaidh %d a thaghadh</item>
<item quantity="two">Chaidh %d a thaghadh</item>
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