Commit ee7316bc authored by Aayush Gupta's avatar Aayush Gupta
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Browser: Bump to version 97.0.4692.106

Signed-off-by: Aayush Gupta's avatarAayush Gupta <>
parent c71f8f10
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bromite @ 1243c3a8
Subproject commit 0b2a41b2af91b8e237e761a5690dd6734674b7a8
Subproject commit 1243c3a8a34ed8e641c9de8356680fba672927a4
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ function patch() {
function build() {
local out="out/${BUILDID}_${ARCH}"
echo ">> [$(date)] Build for ${ARCH}"
gn gen --args="$(cat "${ROOT_DIR}"/bromite/build/GN_ARGS) target_cpu=\"${ARCH}\" " "$out"
gn gen --args="$(cat "${ROOT_DIR}"/bromite/build/bromite.gn_args) target_cpu=\"${ARCH}\" " "$out"
autoninja -C "$out" chrome_public_apk system_webview_apk
cp "$out/apks/ChromePublic.apk" "${ROOT_DIR}/apks/ChromePublic_$ARCH.apk"
cp "$out/apks/SystemWebView.apk" "${ROOT_DIR}/apks/SystemWebView_$ARCH.apk"
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