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Add translation for exit toast

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......@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity(), BottomNavigationView.OnNavigationItemS
this.doubleBackToExitPressedOnce = true;
Toast.makeText(this, "Please click BACK again to exit", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
Toast.makeText(this, R.string.exit, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
Handler().postDelayed(Runnable() {
run {
......@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@
<string name="no_trackers">No trackers used</string>
<string name="action_ok">Ok</string>
<string name="ok"><font fgcolor="#FF0088ED">OK</font></string>
<string name="exit">Please click BACK again to exit</string>
<string name="pick_up_apk_file">pick_up_apk_file</string>
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