Commit 0183d0a3 authored by Nolen Johnson's avatar Nolen Johnson
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lineage: partner_gms: Add Automotive support

Change-Id: I1466b76fc4a4f32dc5bde944c6bf7fa937e990f0
parent 961af007
ifeq ($(WITH_GMS),true)
ifeq ($(WITH_GMS_TV),true)
$(call inherit-product, vendor/partner_gms-tv/products/
else ifeq ($(WITH_GMS_CAR),true)
$(call inherit-product, vendor/partner_gms-car/products/
else ifeq ($(WITH_GMS_FI),true)
$(call inherit-product, vendor/partner_gms/products/
else ifeq ($(WITH_GMS_GO),true)
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