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  6. 03 Jul, 2020 4 commits
    • Remi NGUYEN VAN's avatar
      Refine validation metrics · 7b6435fd
      Remi NGUYEN VAN authored
      Rename members for a clearer API, and add try/catch blocks to each
      NetworkMonitor call to guarantee there will not be any crash.
      Add a flag allowing to disable all the metrics collection code.
      Bug: 151796056
      Test: atest NetworkStackTests (see also test-only change)
      Change-Id: I06d6dccc57146b955b15cf36a2109c68a5355494
    • Chiachang Wang's avatar
    • Frank Li's avatar
      Injecting network validation stats into statsd · e04f8b7d
      Frank Li authored
      1. Fill in each field of the NetworkValidationReported
      2. Write the NetworkValidationReported into statsd
      This patch also refactors tryCapportApiProbe to return null when the
      capport data is incorrect, instead of doing the check after calling the
      method. This makes it easier to compile capport API probe metrics.
      Test: atest NetworkStackIntegrationTests NetworkStackTests
      Test: atest FrameworksNetTests
      Test: Manual test with statsd_testdrive
      Bug: 151796056
      Merged-In: Icf34402d6a293cc76c32d00835cbf358c99a87fa
      Change-Id: Icf34402d6a293cc76c32d00835cbf358c99a87fa
    • Chiachang Wang's avatar
      Update CapportData in CapportApiProbeResult to be nullable · b002fd1e
      Chiachang Wang authored
      If capport API does not send any valid rely, the capportData
      could be null in CapportApiProbeResult. Thus, take null
      capportData for invalid case.
      Bug: 154196512
      Bug: 139034276
      Bug: 151796056
      Test: atest NetworkStackTests
      Merged-In: I99cbff2eb1a9ab87a42011038d911fe15e7344a4
      Change-Id: I99cbff2eb1a9ab87a42011038d911fe15e7344a4
  7. 02 Jul, 2020 1 commit
  8. 01 Jul, 2020 3 commits
  9. 30 Jun, 2020 2 commits
    • Remi NGUYEN VAN's avatar
      Use FLAG_IMMUTABLE on NetworkStackNotifier intents · 1acc0030
      Remi NGUYEN VAN authored
      FLAG_UPDATE_CURRENT was not helpful because:
       - For the venue info notification, the only extra is the Network, and
         the intent uses the network handle as identifier; meaning that two
         matching intents would already have the same extra.
       - The ACTION_WIFI_SETTINGS intent does not have any extra, so there is
         nothing to update.
      Bug: 157475111
      Test: atest NetworkStackTests; manual: connected to captive portals and
                used notifications
      Change-Id: Ifd9e6ff04f2d574f3e28d612c8ea6215a209069e
    • Remi NGUYEN VAN's avatar
      Fix jarjar rule for LocalLog · 20341352
      Remi NGUYEN VAN authored
      LocalLog is in android.util, not
      The previous code used to work because methods used by NetworkStack are
      @UnsupportedAppUsage, but this should be avoided because the symbols are
      not stable.
      Bug: 160113128
      Test: m; atest NetworkStackTests; manual: wifi working
      (cherry-pick from AOSP with conflicts)
      Merged-In: I3864ce089c02d53dfc6d0f9c58ac4a84daaaf787
      Change-Id: I3864ce089c02d53dfc6d0f9c58ac4a84daaaf787
  10. 27 Jun, 2020 2 commits
  11. 26 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  12. 25 Jun, 2020 3 commits
  13. 24 Jun, 2020 6 commits
    • Frank Li's avatar
      Fix NullPointerException on addErrorCode when input is Invalid error code · ad90e1bf
      Frank Li authored
      1. When the errocode is not defined in DhcpErrorCode enum.
         Then the DhcpErrorCode.forNumber(errorCode) will return null.
      2. Then use null as the parameter cause NullPointerException on
         (Because the addErrorCode need nonNullable parameter)
      If the errorcode is not defined in the Dhcp ErrorCode enumeration,
      please use ET_UNKNOWN instead as AddErrorCode parameter, not null.
      Bug: 151796056
      Test: atest
      Merged-In: I43b8415ab98b4cf6520c3240dc544a9f62730a4e
      Change-Id: I43b8415ab98b4cf6520c3240dc544a9f62730a4e
    • Remi NGUYEN VAN's avatar
    • Remi NGUYEN VAN's avatar
      Get link state with same lock as LinkProperties · 9890fcdc
      Remi NGUYEN VAN authored
      The previous IpClientLinkObserver code could in theory call
      mCallback.update with a linkState that came from another update; for
       1. onInterfaceAddressUpdated
         - mLinkProperties.addLinkAddress
       2. onInterfaceLinkStateChanged
         - setInterfaceLinkState(false)
       1. mCallback.update(false) <- should be true ?
       2. mCallback.update(false)
      In practice this would not happen because the onFoo methods are all
      called in order (same binder token from netd), but IpClientLinkObserver
      should not need to make such assumptions.
      Bug: 151796056
      Test: atest NetworkStackIntegrationTests (see also test-only change)
      Change-Id: I60f5a319519069070eb5a07643686bf5ec937665
    • Remi NGUYEN VAN's avatar
      Send normal termination metrics on wifi off · 750fe188
      Remi NGUYEN VAN authored
      When turning wifi off, the interface gets torn down and empty
      LinkProperties are received before wifi calls stop(). This causes a loss
      of provisioning to be logged, instead of normal termination.
      Watch interface link status up/down events, and when provisioning is
      lost when the interface is down, consider it a normal termination.
      Bug: 151796056
      Test: manual: turn wifi off, observe events
      Test: atest NetworkStackIntegrationTests (see also test-only change)
      Merged-In: I9d086a199de0017aa425219d20882211423925e0
      Change-Id: I9d086a199de0017aa425219d20882211423925e0
    • Remi NGUYEN VAN's avatar
      Jarjar · e7c00c4b
      Remi NGUYEN VAN authored
      This avoids potential conflicts if the library is also added to the
    is pulled as a dependency when adding protobuffers,
      like those used for data stall, IP provisioning and validation metrics.
      Bug: 159587267
      Test: m; manual: booted, wifi working
      Change-Id: I3339e47c1ca1cd8b0186da0dbf880eff245b4c67
    • android-build-team Robot's avatar
      Snap for 6621766 from c7d725bb to rvc-release · 4c6ff45d
      android-build-team Robot authored
      Change-Id: I9b5fafd799b9b3eeff170540e816d7c8ab9598b0
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