Commit 2a858092 authored by Chalard Jean's avatar Chalard Jean
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Remove an out-of-date comment

This was in fact raised in a comment on aosp/1317682 but was
apparently forgotten

Test: comment-only change
Change-Id: I2f312c122d9565db2a77fb7f345b575fc7f72494
parent 3aa3a72e
......@@ -83,10 +83,6 @@ public class NetworkMonitorUtils {
return true;
// TODO: once TRANSPORT_TEST is @SystemApi in S and S SDK is stable (so constant shims can
// be replaced with the SDK constant that will be inlined), replace isTestNetwork with
// hasTransport(TRANSPORT_TEST)
// Test networks that also have one of the major transport types are attempting to replicate
// that transport on a test interface (for example, test ethernet networks with
// EthernetManager#setIncludeTestInterfaces). Run validation on them for realistic tests.
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