Commit e30af770 authored by Luca Stefani's avatar Luca Stefani
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SetupWizard: Pass proper value to wifi back text

* We are currently passing a Boolean value while the
  value should be a String ( null in our case )

Change-Id: I6bc69793485c44f2a65baeab62d7266934500038
parent d3b0cbf2
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ public class WifiSetupActivity extends SubBaseActivity {
intent.putExtra(SetupWizardApp.EXTRA_PREFS_SHOW_BUTTON_BAR, true);
intent.putExtra(SetupWizardApp.EXTRA_PREFS_SET_BACK_TEXT , false);
intent.putExtra(SetupWizardApp.EXTRA_PREFS_SET_BACK_TEXT, (String) null);
startSubactivity(intent, REQUEST_CODE_SETUP_WIFI);
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