Commit e0605c03 authored by Abhisek Devkota's avatar Abhisek Devkota
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Disable SetupWraith, if GMS not present

This reverts commit 092d0fa8.

Change-Id: I9b075ff1d4d91318920050c26b3fa6eb9130d5c9
parent 5e6b2a57
......@@ -257,10 +257,10 @@ public class SetupWizardUtils {
disableComponent(context, WifiSetupActivity.class);
// Googles ATV SUW crashes before finishing, leaving devices
// unprovisioned. Disable it for now.
// Google's ATV SUW is shipped as it requires platform signature.
// Disable it if GMS is not installed by user.
if (hasLeanback(context) &&
PackageManagerUtils.isAppInstalled(context, GMS_TV_SUW_PACKAGE)) {
!PackageManagerUtils.isAppInstalled(context, GMS_PACKAGE)) {
disableApplication(context, GMS_TV_SUW_PACKAGE);
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