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  1. 09 Mar, 2015 5 commits
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  6. 27 Feb, 2015 7 commits
    • Jim Miller's avatar
      Add fingerprint settings. · 94d4bd93
      Jim Miller authored
      - Improved layout.
      - Enrollment is now working.
      - Added vibration and progress feedback.
      - Better fingerprint animation logic.
      - Poke userActivity() when sensor is touched.
      - Added progress animation.
      - Only show fingerprint menu item on devices that have fingerprint hw
      - Set View state to GONE for views that aren't shown & fix resulting layout issue
      - Fix bug where stage wasn't advancing when returning from ChooseLockGeneric.
      - Renamed FingerprintSettings to FingerprintEnroll
      - Fixed bug with storing fingerprint ids that prevented the last one from being removed.
      - Added better progress indication.  When remaining is at max, count that as the first step.
      - Fix whitespace formatting in CL
      Fixes bug 1953439
      Change-Id: I721bf440c63640203af94ce21340d8281076c249
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    • Fabrice Di Meglio's avatar
      Fix bug #19313587 Settings unusable when userdata is full · dff3faaf
      Fabrice Di Meglio authored
      - take care of low storage space use case: do not start
      and Index update if we are is low storage space situation.
      Change-Id: Ifa5bb618d087826c004b06aa7821b9634038734c
    • Alan Viverette's avatar
      Add support for user-selectable dark/light theme · 893b3006
      Alan Viverette authored
      Updates Settings to use the DayNight theme (real name TBD) and fixes
      several colors that were pinned to non-theme values. Adds a setting for
      switching theme between light/dark/auto.
      Bug: 19368658
      Bug: 19369392
      Change-Id: I7cd23b7ad38bdb25a01b92e67ff1ee1cdd8a3958
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      Merge "Badge Wi-Fi installer apps" · 1a95d1de
      Robin Lee authored
    • Robin Lee's avatar
      Badge Wi-Fi installer apps · 0d8879ad
      Robin Lee authored
      Consistent, and more importantly useful to know which version of an app
      was responsible for installing a network.
      Change-Id: I37e326f419e03b020e17daa7d65c713d1ea6ddc8