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    • jackqdyulei's avatar
      Update PBAP info for all pairing dialogs. DO NOT MERGE · 34d14641
      jackqdyulei authored
      This is a bug from ag/4210612, in which it only update PBAP info
      for USER_ENTRY_DIALOG. So in other kind of dialogs it never upload
      correct PBAP info to bluetooth backend.
      This CL fix it by updating PBAP for all dialogs.
      Change-Id: Ia39eee1acaece555e8e5a305ec2c803294d7efbd
      Bug: 109842273
      Bug: 72872376
      Test: RunSettingsRoboTests
      (cherry picked from commit 7015e20a)
      (cherry picked from commit 77b62b24)
    • Matthew Fritze's avatar
      Hide SettingsSlice provider · 2fdd931e
      Matthew Fritze authored
      Explicitly set the Settings SliceBroadcastReceiver to
      be non-exported and remove the intent-filter.
      Add a second provider: SliceRelayReceiver to receive
      broadcasts from SysUI to alert Settings to potential
      changes to bound Settings Slices. The new receiver is
      exported, but only notifies changes to Settings, and
      doesn't make any changes itself.
      Change-Id: I422c0b07a61efa8996e9fdfa398eee84bbc1796f
      Merged-In: I80d070f7636614135ebe4f57a16f12a3eb6dee81
      Fixes: 111330641
      Test: boot, robolectric, Slicebrowser
      (cherry picked from commit 6409cf5c)
  6. 15 Aug, 2018 1 commit
    • Doris Ling's avatar
      Disable changing lock when device is not provisioned. · cb593277
      Doris Ling authored
      When the device is not yet provisioned and settings is launched:
      - disable the entry point for changing device lock
      - remove the search panel from settings home page
      - remove the search menu
      Bug: 110034419
      Test: make RunSettingsRoboTests
      Change-Id: Ieb7eb0e8699229ec0824ccc19d7b958ac44965a2
      Merged-In: Ieb7eb0e8699229ec0824ccc19d7b958ac44965a2
      (cherry picked from commit 770f4abf)
  7. 17 Jul, 2018 3 commits
    • android-build-team Robot's avatar
      Merge cherrypicks of [4562103, 4560827, 4563998, 4563999, 4564000, 4564001,... · 73b36ef8
      android-build-team Robot authored
      Merge cherrypicks of [4562103, 4560827, 4563998, 4563999, 4564000, 4564001, 4564351, 4564352, 4564333, 4564033, 4560455, 4564034, 4560674, 4560675, 4563620, 4561607, 4561062, 4561063] into pi-release
      Change-Id: Ie308d644fd0a0f4f72fd54d7bf86c1cf63e720b7
    • Pavel Grafov's avatar
      Use primary user's LOCK_SCREEN_SHOW_NOTIFICATIONS. · 0844fb92
      Pavel Grafov authored
      Only primary user can set LOCK_SCREEN_SHOW_NOTIFICATIONS,
      profile can only set notifications to be redacted. When the
      user changes notification settings for a work app, this class
      is invoked from the profile, meaning it attempts to read
      LOCK_SCREEN_SHOW_NOTIFICATIONS for the profile, which is not
      there. As a result the function always returs 0 for work apps.
      Bug: 111112011
      Test: atest packages/apps/Settings/tests/robotests/src/com/android/settings/notification/
      Change-Id: Ifb50209ea8ea8fb6639f00ca8b7cf8a4295890ad
      (cherry picked from commit f14de789)
    • Lei Yu's avatar
      Unrestrict app if it been set as device admin app · 1582ec3d
      Lei Yu authored
      Bug: 110337989
      Test: RunSettingsRoboTests
      Change-Id: I8229bee97d970f8b16351193cfd99ca05ff041bf
      Merged-In: I8229bee97d970f8b16351193cfd99ca05ff041bf
      (cherry picked from commit f87897b8)
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    • Fan Zhang's avatar
      Fix context leak in AudioSwitchPreferenceController. · ee96c3a2
      Fan Zhang authored
      In this controller the context is stored into a global singleton but was
      not cleared, thus leaking context and associated views.
      Change-Id: I4247f8ff753bc0a331c6c81a0e4b5b4bc41588de
      Fixes: 80507279
      Test: robotests
      Test: inspected hprof before/after change
    • TreeHugger Robot's avatar
    • android-build-team Robot's avatar
      Snap for 4826885 from daea8be9 to pi-release · 3f067b0d
      android-build-team Robot authored
      Change-Id: I7724348225353adb6ccf98febc86010556248f97
    • Nathan Harold's avatar
      [RadioInfo] Save PreferredNetworkMode to Settings · daea8be9
      Nathan Harold authored
      Historically, the debug menu intentionally did not
      save the preferred network mode once chosen. This
      causes problems because some settings cause a phone
      switch which overrides the preferred network mode,
      which can cause another phone switch and again
      override the preferred network mode, completely
      obliterating the requested debug setting. This change
      will now save the debug menu setting to the system
      settings, which will prevent the circular changes and
      loss of setting due to phone switching.
      However, caching the debug setting to prevent the phone
      switch logic from overriding the setting has a side
      effect, which is why it wasn't done historically.
      If a debug setting of the preferred network mode
      is set, it will cause the UX of the non-debug network
      preference screen to change. Thus, someone who uses
      the debug menu to make changes must be careful to
      re-set the setting to return to the correct UX of the
      publicly displayed menu.
      Bug: 95133265
      Test: -manually set preferred network mode using the
             RadioInfo menu and observed that there is no
             phone switch when setting CDMA.
            -confirmed that changing the network mode in
             RadioInfo will cause UX changes to the public
             network preference menu.
      Change-Id: I91f669956a6d02515530855c4617cd0a767d73fa
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