Commit 4e2e0f1e authored by Michael Bestas's avatar Michael Bestas
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Automatic translation import

Change-Id: If1c1d375d8095f87c0a9370725efb54ef1065650
parent 178b09e0
......@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@
<string name="ok_remove_timeout">Caniatáu amser hirach</string>
<!-- Button label to dismiss informative text message. [CHAR_LIMIT=40] -->
<string name="dismiss">Gwrthod</string>
<string name="dismiss">Wfftio</string>
<!-- Appended indicator (for "leading" display) that result is exact. [CHAR_LIMIT=NONE] -->
<string name="exact">(union)</string>
<!-- Indicator (for "leading" display) that result is inexact. [CHAR_LIMIT=NONE] -->
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