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    • Raman Tenneti's avatar
      DeskClock: Fix alarm clock screen show black when screen locked; · 67527f30
      Raman Tenneti authored
      Root cause: API ActivityTaskManagerService.notifyKeyguardFlagsChanged is called multiple times,
      which causes the activity status abnormal.
      Solution: Add 'android:showWhenLocked = true' to
      ensure activity show on the top even  when screen locked.
      BUG: 156311117
      Test: manual - Tested the DeskClock UI manually and tested the alarm.
      $ make -j 40
      $ ls -l  out/target/product/bonito/product/app/DeskClock/DeskClock.apk
        -rw-r----- 1 rtenneti primarygroup 6117353 Jul 13 11:35 out/target/product/bonito/product/app/DeskClock/DeskClock.apk
      $ adb install -r out/target/product/bonito/product/app/DeskClock/DeskClock.apk
      + Verified by setting up the alaram, lock the screen and waiting for the alarm to go off.
      Change-Id: I69c44571cd86c21203311c89081c8935d5ed1450
    • Raman Tenneti's avatar
      AOSP/DeskClock - Call executePendingTransactions only if mFragmentManager is... · 11b4721b
      Raman Tenneti authored
      AOSP/DeskClock - Call executePendingTransactions only if mFragmentManager is not destroyed. Fixes the crash bug. Code matches internal code.
      BUG: 153590150
      Test: manual - Tested the DeskClock UI manually and tested the timer.
      $ make -j 40
      ... 6117353 Jul  7 15:27 out/target/product/bonito/product/app/DeskClock/DeskClock.apk
      $ adb install -r -d -t out/target/product/bonito/product/app/DeskClock/DeskClock.apk
      Change-Id: I582013ebffef2c8d1ec16255ea531d874d14a968
  14. 14 Jul, 2020 1 commit
  15. 13 Jul, 2020 4 commits
    • Michael W's avatar
      DeskClock: Fix FAB not being shown everytime · c38683a9
      Michael W authored
      * The getTimer() method returns null when we call getFabTargetVisibility()
        before the onCreateView method gets called, resulting in the FAB not
        being shown
      * A video how to reproduce the issue can be found on the bug report linked
      * Fix: Always return the first timer (if one exists) so we can properly
        decide if the FAB needs to be shown
      Change-Id: Id16686c729ee41d14c890827dc441e81511c8405
    • Michael Bestas's avatar
      DeskClock: Remove unused imports from NotificationUtils · 8a9bb0c3
      Michael Bestas authored
      Change-Id: I421928b0dae80290bf318a117037c8044a1c7b3b
    • Michael Bestas's avatar
      DeskClock: Stop depending on platform APIs · 68a451b0
      Michael Bestas authored
      * We can build with sdk_version = current after latest changes
      Change-Id: Ie424ffd156e9595082dc8ad935fb1c9e8e22bd87
    • Michael W's avatar
      DeskClock: Remove references to org.lineageos.platform.internal · 9378f673
      Michael W authored
      * Was used for a feature that isn't used anymore
      * We need to create new tables because dropping columns isn't supported
        -> create temp tables, copy over values, remove old tables, rename temp
      * Also fixes alarm inserts, which partially failed due to increasing
        volume and profile being indexed wrong:
      "CursorWindow: Failed to read row 0, column 11 from a CursorWindow which
      has 1 rows, 11 columns."
      * Above fix is required for "new Alarms(cursor)" to not fail so we can
        actually get a valid Alarms object to insert into our (temp) database
      Change-Id: I80e495792dcb65955de09268c7df9c6846cee559
  16. 12 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael W's avatar
      DeskClock: Don't rely on framework · 2369e050
      Michael W authored
      * Building within an AOSP environment sets sdk_version: "current"
        which makes the build fail here due to usage of ""
      * Set local ids instead where required and use PreferenceImageView
        from androidx instead of
      Change-Id: I5b50531720840ae81559c8fd958166154098b782
  17. 21 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  18. 15 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael W's avatar
      DeskClock: Remove notification sound from firing and snoozing channels · 01c3369e
      Michael W authored
      * Firing alarms and timers needs high priority but we don't need a
        notification sound, as the alarm / timer already bring their own sound
      * This has been lost in the rework of notification channels
        -> Needs another channel recreation
      * Snoozing was lowered in priority in commit
        but I didn't give it a new id, so existing installations are left with
        notification sound when snoozing - who would want that?
      Change-Id: I5c7fc96b657e966950414b40fb61c829040ece9f
  19. 14 Jun, 2020 2 commits
    • Michael W's avatar
      DeskClock: Replace ViewPager with manual fragment handling · fbaedef9
      Michael W authored
      * Convert to using androidx Fragments
      * Group imports properly
      Change-Id: Iaadfb417f0ca8638936875113ec2f39853f2a39c
    • Michael W's avatar
      DeskClock: Fix german translation of "days" · 26df7bf2
      Michael W authored
      * Currently the snackbar says
        "Der Wecker klingelt in 5 Tage, 3 Stunden  und 47 Minuten"
      * It must be "Der Wecker klingelt in 5 Tagen, 3 Stunden und 47 Minuten"
      * Also checked if these plurals aren't used elsewhere so other strings
        wouldn't make sense anymore - no more usages found
      Change-Id: Iabadaa254afc7a04cb00d79753be1443719fce2c
  20. 12 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael W's avatar
      DeskClock: Properly align settings · b6bca2fe
      Michael W authored
      * The alarm volume setting doesn't look as it should
      * Copied "preference_volume_slider" from Settings (used in Settings->
        Sound) and stripped by stuff we don't need (suppression_text,
      * Looks like without providing an initial icon, the layout would not
        inflate the space for it properly, so provide the default one
      Change-Id: I31d103cd0b0a6f096d376af2026702a0a4754671
  21. 11 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  22. 10 Jun, 2020 3 commits
    • Jesse Chan's avatar
      DeskClock: also apply disabled color to annotations · 9026139e
      Jesse Chan authored
      Change-Id: Ia2c7e28e161f1a0f01de13deff4d02a78c34f8d5
    • Michael W's avatar
      DeskClock: Come to the dark side... · 6fcbe7e9
      Michael W authored
      ... we have cookies
      * Move minSdkVersion to 24 so the notification actions don't use the
        icons anymore and we can just tint the icons black to fit onto the new
        accent color used e.g. for the FABs
      * Move accent color to an own color name which is defined differently
        for values and values-night
      * Background: Keep blue for light theme but use grey for night one
      Change-Id: Ib14044fc9c6de15453891638581a7e3f4d10c6c5
    • Michael W's avatar
      DeskClock: Rework notification channel implementation · 22b6cf2f
      Michael W authored
      * Alarm notifications etc. are important and should be on high
        importance level.
      * On contrast, upcoming alarms etc. should not have sounds or vibrations
        attached to them.
      * In addition, we need to fix strings for notification channel.
      * In order to achieve this, we need to create some new channels because
        you can't change the priority for existing channels
      * Delete old channels on boot and update the names of existing channels if
        they already exist (they get created with the first notification
        requiring them)
      * Move creation of upcoming alarm notifications into one place
      Co-authored-by: default avatarWang Han <>
      Change-Id: I6d2e9abd6a822a62b3313c62b0617d8d9211948e
  23. 07 Jun, 2020 2 commits
  24. 05 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • Wang Han's avatar
      Revert "Remove max aspect ratio." · 4fdeff36
      Wang Han authored
       * We don't need this when target SDK is 29, see docs:
         If your app targets Android 8.0 (API level 26) or higher, it
         fills the entire screen, according to its layout.
      This reverts commit b7abe063.
      Change-Id: I9442b05b8c4d6213676943163e3c0b995047d303
  25. 23 May, 2020 1 commit
    • Bill Yi's avatar
      Import translations. DO NOT MERGE · 514167ca
      Bill Yi authored
      TEST: m DeskClock
      Change-Id: Id46664969a3c6682b661086b2276f18a49e41eef
      Auto-generated-cl: translation import