Commit df298d08 authored by matiusuario's avatar matiusuario
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DeskClock: Set dark gray as dismiss animation

Update to pass DKGRAY to animator.
Better for dismiss alarms in darkness

Change-Id: Ie7f87595c55357d0a35372aaa96f61d9ed8c4898
parent 789a0053
......@@ -517,7 +517,7 @@ public class AlarmActivity extends BaseActivity
getAlertAnimator(mDismissButton, R.string.alarm_alert_off_text, null /* infoText */,
getString(R.string.alarm_alert_off_text) /* accessibilityText */,
Color.WHITE, mCurrentHourColor).start();
Color.DKGRAY, mCurrentHourColor).start();
AlarmStateManager.deleteInstanceAndUpdateParent(this, mAlarmInstance);
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