Commit 6fad2c5e authored by Michael W's avatar Michael W
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DeskClock: Snooze: Mimic dismiss reveal

* Right now, the dismiss animation starts and ends with the accent
  color,  which is a very light yellow
* Especially when you use "snooze" as in "I want to continue sleeping a
  little more", the whole screen turning bright isn't helping
* Mimic the behavior of the dismiss button, which starts and ends with
  a shade of gray

Change-Id: I7d0e387a247015d6e0eb5cfab7b393d9b48996e3
parent df298d08
......@@ -496,7 +496,7 @@ public class AlarmActivity extends BaseActivity
R.plurals.alarm_alert_snooze_set, snoozeMinutes, snoozeMinutes);
getAlertAnimator(mSnoozeButton, R.string.alarm_alert_snoozed_text, infoText,
accessibilityText, colorAccent, colorAccent).start();
accessibilityText, Color.DKGRAY, mCurrentHourColor).start();
AlarmStateManager.setSnoozeState(this, mAlarmInstance, false /* showToast */);
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