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    DeskClock: Fix alarm clock screen show black when screen locked; · 67527f30
    Raman Tenneti authored
    Root cause: API ActivityTaskManagerService.notifyKeyguardFlagsChanged is called multiple times,
    which causes the activity status abnormal.
    Solution: Add 'android:showWhenLocked = true' to
    ensure activity show on the top even  when screen locked.
    BUG: 156311117
    Test: manual - Tested the DeskClock UI manually and tested the alarm.
    $ make -j 40
    $ ls -l  out/target/product/bonito/product/app/DeskClock/DeskClock.apk
      -rw-r----- 1 rtenneti primarygroup 6117353 Jul 13 11:35 out/target/product/bonito/product/app/DeskClock/DeskClock.apk
    $ adb install -r out/target/product/bonito/product/app/DeskClock/DeskClock.apk
    + Verified by setting up the alaram, lock the screen and waiting for the alarm to go off.
    Change-Id: I69c44571cd86c21203311c89081c8935d5ed1450