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      Merge tag 'android-10.0.0_r46' into staging/lineage-17.1_merge-android-10.0.0_r46 · 96e5fca9
      Kevin F. Haggerty authored
      Android 10.0.0 release 46
      * tag 'android-10.0.0_r46':
        Mark implicit PendingIntents as immutable
        DO NOT MERGE: Remove unused intent in NiNotification
        Add missing isShellUser check
        Do not set referrerUri on SessionInfo for non-owners
        Tests no screenshot is copied when user consent timed out
        Revert "Ignores protected broadcasts if not priv-app"
        Make view intent immutable
        Remove unused intent in NFW notification
        Only autoVerify at install for new hosts
        DO NOT MERGE: Verify INSTALL_PACKAGES permissions when adding installer package
        Revert "Revoke 'always' web handler status when not autoverifying"
        DO NOT MERGE Prevent ImageWallpaper from crashing due to wide gamut
        Drop supplementary groups for child zygotes.
        More fixes towards the race conditions in AMS
        Use killProcessGroup when killing app zygote.
        Make intents immutable
        Make implicit intent immutable.
        Add back enforceReadPermission for getmetadata
        DO NOT MERGE - Kill apps outright for API contract violations
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Prevent accessing companion records from arbitrary uids
        Fix order of uid/pid in LocationAccessPolicy
        Verify all possible hosts that match web nav
        Require a more specific intent
        Force update uid state when pending uid state is applied
        Notify all packages is uid-mode is changed
        Create different KeyId for saved and suggestion network
        Revert "DO NOT MERGE - Kill apps outright for API contract violations"
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Use consistent calling uid and package in navigateUpTo
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Update keyguard locked state from TrustManagerService
        DO NOT MERGE - Kill apps outright for API contract violations
        DO NOT MERGE Ensure package names read from config are system packages.
        Update redaction upon profile changes
        Only suspend package from system or shell
        Fix serialization issue of ExternalVibration
        Fix potential double destroy of AssetManager
        Prevent sending early termination of appop use
        Revoke 'always' web handler status when not autoverifying
        Fix PermissionMonitor issues
        DO NOT MERGE - Temporary fix to disable augmented autofill requests coming from password fields.
        DO NOT MERGE: Don't let NotificationEntryManager keep around old RankingMaps
        Put userId at the end of parcel
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Fixes NPE when preparing app data during init
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Use KNOWN_PACKAGES when shared lib consumers
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Handles null outInfo in deleteSystemPackageLI
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Make toasts non-clickable
        [DO NOT MERGE] Return correct offsets for getAttributeRange()
        Revoke granted permission when the permission defining app is removed.
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE TextClassifier cross-user vulnerability in direct-reply
        Prevent system uid component from running in an isolated app process
        Validate wallpaper dimension while generating crop
        Force FGS notifications to show for a minimum time
        Update PermissionChecker usages to avoid unnecessary attribution.
        Only allow INSTALL_ALLOW_TEST from shell or root
        Don't consider tasks with INITIALIZING top activity as visible
        DO NOT MERGE revoke certain app-ops on suspend
        Do not compute outside given range in TextLine
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Strict SQLiteQueryBuilder needs to be stricter.
        RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Enable stricter SQLiteQueryBuilder options.
        Set default phonebook access to ACCESS_REJECTED when user didn't choose one
        Use UnlockMethodCache#canSkipBouncer in user switcher
        fixes a security vulnerability in slice provider
        Unset INSTALL_DISABLE_VERIFICATION flag if install is not from system
        Add a blacklist for preinstalled carrier apps.
        Avoid using secondary displays as launch params when not support
        Cleans up sharedUser regardless of creation logic
        Revert "Stop timer when notification isn't visible"
        syncInputWindows for mouse events
        Fixed an issue where the notification wouldn't collapse
        Showing the notification icon properly now when the pulse is suppressed
        Stop timer when notification isn't visible
        Only supports ambient mode when necessary.
        [DO NOT MERGE] Don't drop restricted permissions on upgrade
        Do not allow the FalsingManager sesion to start when AOD is showing.
        Revert "SharedMemory: break Cleaner reference cycle." Bug: 138422309
        Revert "SharedMemory: clear file descriptor when explicitly closed." Bug: 138422309
        SharedMemory: clear file descriptor when explicitly closed.
        SharedMemory: break Cleaner reference cycle.
        Only consider gone for layout if parent is gone for layout
        Reland "Prevent dismissing starting window when reopening app"
        Only update overlays for target
        Prevent the BrightLineFalsingManager from duping its session.
        Fix issue with media notifs being misbucketed
        DO NOT MERGE Do not call drawableChanged pre Q
        Allow BrightLineFalsingManager settings to be experimented with via Phenotype.
        Don't animate clock when turning screen off.
        Mark screen rotation as early (1/2)
        Add cleanup method to FalsingManager to prevent memory leaks.
        Fixed a bug with the animation of the notification background
        Fixed a crash with the headsUpManager
        Use binned brightness sensor instead of prox
        Enable the BrightLineFalsingManager by default on Q.
        Postpone the shared user checking after Q
        Do not animate wallpaper when wakeAndUnlock
        PasswordSlotManager: Fix incorrect string comparison.
        Fix CTS case failed in CtsAutoFillServiceTestCases
        Compute policy for read-external-storage for uid
        GestureNav: make reportSystemGestureExclusionChanged oneway
        Pass EXTRA_CALLING_PACKAGE for legacy change default dialer/SMS intents.
        Don't persist new night mode setting in car mode
        Redact ISOBMFF boxes with 'free'
        Use a Region when calculating TouchableRegion for cutouts
        Q card.
        Revert "Prevent dismissing starting window when reopening app"
        Revert "[DO NOT MERGE] Handle config override via settings correctly"
        Reset SYSTEM_FIXED flags for hard restricted perms
        Don't create system fixed, revoked permissions
        Revert "Fix AppFuseMountScope.close()"
        skip permission check for TelephonyManager API getMmsUserAgent
        skip permission check for TelephonyManager API getMmsUserAgent
        Bouncer retry polish
        Fix NPE with live wallpaper
        Revert "Use the SubId in the TM.getNetworkType if Valid"
        Revert "Revert "Remove deprecated System APIs added in Q.""
        Revert "Revert "Finalizing Q resources""
        Revert "Revert "Removing deprecated APIs added to Q""
        Revert "Revert "Android Q is API 29""
        Check for null bg insets during initialization
        Set the default value for Secure Settings: SKIP_GESTURE & SILENCE_GESTURE
        Fixed a few issues with starting windows
        Prevent estimates from updating while callbacks are happening
        [DO NOT MERGE] Adding API for defining and invoking DirectActions
        Revert "Keep a light version of the SBN around"
        Revert "Add new constructors for mandatory fields in AppTarget.Builder"
        Ensure all fields of AutoBufferPointer are initialized
        Revert "Remove overlay logic from package manager and parser"
        Handle restricted permissions for shared UID components - framework
        Clear calling identity before calling in package managerwq
        Force app to draw navigation bar background
        Ime in gestural mode will have ime switcher and down arrow
        Temporary hack until we have dynamic remounting.
        Relaxed nullability requirements for setTintMode APIs for both PorterDuff.Mode and BlendMode
        Disable XOM on libraries for apps with targetSdkVerison<Q
        Fix for b/129240060 - updating landsape volume dialog layout to use the newly created CaptionsIcon view.
        Prevent potential NPE when updating state to bar manager
        Revert "Write touch classification metrics."
        Add missed lock for startHomeOnDisplay
        Fix reading app ops data - framework
        Revert "Write touch classification metrics."
        Recover from app-op corruption bug.
        Revert "Allow transitioning through lifecycle when finished"
        Partially revert "Handle WebView assets correctly when multiple APKs are used."
        Revert "Allow transitioning through lifecycle when finished"
        Camera: Temporarily add @UnsupportedAppUsage to various Key things.
        Camera: Temporarily add @UnsupportedAppUsage to various Key things.
        Revert "Enable CCPR in Ganesh"
        Revert "Enable CCPR in Ganesh"
        Temporary workaround to grant Storage permission.
        Temporarily grant legacy storage to certain apps.
        Sharesheet - broken file preview with profile switch
        Factor out calls to apexservice in a class.
        BugFix:GnssConfiguration change parseInt to decode
        Never resume activities that are partially occluded
        AudioService: fix lock ordering between BtHelper and AudioDeviceBroker
        Don't throw a runtime exception in getPackageInfo.
        OverlayPlugin listener method called from main thread
        Fix illegal state in doze machine
        Properly refer to Java "long" as "jlong"
        Revert "Make WindowContainer surfaces container layers by default."
        Fix typo: decrement not increment
        Bring more visibility logic from stack to activity.
        reset path before append glyph outlines, to match old SkPaint behavior
        Fix a copy-paste typo.
        Parse missing mount option.
        Fixes a crash when logging
        ProcessList: fix lmkd minfree rules
        Revert "Add support for enabling backup in work profile in"
        Allow onSessionCommand return null
        Revert "Multiple resumed activities"
        Fake out ApplicationInfo for APEXs.
        Fix: PackageInfo for apex has wrong info
        Fix fullscreen intent notifs
        Revert "Enable ANGLE-for-Android rule processing again"
        Revert "Enable ANGLE-for-Android rule processing again"
        Revert "Sets views clickable according to their visibility"
        Revert "Added app context to smart screen brightness."
        Fix NPE in NotificationLogger for real this time
        Mark entry in onEntryRemoved as @Nullable
        Fix NPE in DozeLog
        Snapshot isolated storage feature flag at boot.
        Fix an issue which causes back key doesn't work
        Revert "Make mPendingNotifications truly private"
        Check for perm being null in base permission
        Guard ANGLE rules file check with DEBUG flag
        Input: Let WM compute touchable region 2/2
        Input: Handle parent surface crops 2/2
        Fix docs
        Fixes incorrect system app deletion logic
        Add permission usage information
        Only register debug hooks when requested
        Use isGroupBlocked to check for blocked notifGroup
        Temporarily disabled IntelligenceService.
        Revert "Refactor TextLine class"
        Flag off new Chooser behavior.
        Fix Wi-Fi setup in setup wizard
        Revert "Adapt to google::protobuf::uint64 type change"
        Revert "Convert statsd_test and statsd_benchmark to proto lite"
        Flag-guards changes to status bar and lockscreen.
        Put notification demotion behind flag
        Revert "Proxy notification improvments"
        Revert "Proxy notification improvments"
        Null check on NavigationBarView in NavigationBarFragment
        Revert "Temporary fix for sms cts regression"
        Fix StatusBar setting disable flags before setting up
        Revert "Telephony light grey list clean up for Q"
        Fixed NPE in ProcessRecord.appNotResponding
        Revert "Rootless GPU Debug for GLES"
        Grant READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE to media provider
        Return non-null value for Build#getSerial if caller does not have permission
        Add mStatusBarWindowController null check on ACTION_SCREEN_OFF
        Revert UsageStatsDatabase to version 3
        Revert "Revert onSurfaceRedrawNeeded behavior"
        We still need userIds to be populated.
        We still need userIds to be populated.
        We still need userIds to be populated.
        We still need userIds to be populated.
        Fix NullPointerException in ZenModeHelper
        What a horrible fix
        Revert "Reduce coupling between DefaultPermissionGrantPolicy and PM"
        Revert "Reduce coupling between DefaultPermissionGrantPolicy and PM"
        Defer theme flags when view isn't attached
        Revert "Do not allow apps to set night mode"
        Revert "Check in P dark greylist, use it for hidden API list generation"
        Removed shade drawing optimization
        Don't request profile owner as user if we don't have a valid user
        Revert "TextureView Vulkan support and optimized OpenGL draw"
        Revert "Remove useless broadcast registeration"
        Revert "Convert sysui to bp"
        Revert "Convert sysui to bp"
        Revert "Fix WM input limitations on secondary displays (2/N)"
        Revert "Animate activity when launching over keyguard"
        Revert SQLiteQueryBuilder for now.
        Remove sun.nio.fs.UnixChannelFactory from preloaded-classes
        AudioService: Do not disconnect SCO started externally
      Change-Id: Id1ddafcceb6dc389f186f62f85f93536671d8282
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      Fix CDM.requestNotificationAccess() in profile. · 04946cf9
      Oasis Feng authored
      If invoked by app running in managed profile, CompanionDeviceManager
      .requestNotificationAccess() is actually trying to grant access to that
      app in parent profile, which may not even exist.
      Notification listener may not need to be running in managed profile,
      but in order to access and control media sessions in managed profile,
      notification listener must be granted access in that managed profile.
      Test: Run test cases of CompanionDeviceManager in managed profile.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarOasis Feng <>
      Change-Id: Id33c4956097300c5ec1c6c50ebee91dee9a49c33
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      WifiManager: Add StaState API [1/2] · d41cf50b
      Kshitij Gupta authored
      Wifi stastate callback functions are refrenced by mediatek ims blobs when they init to register ims-service.
      test: IMS services (voLTE and voWIFI) works fine on mtk67xx (begonia) and crashes due to missing stastate callback functions is no more.
      - Reversed out from miui_BEGONIAININGlobal_V11.0.2.0.QGGINXM_7e11a54a70_10.0
      Change-Id: I7309906d775f45c7ea42b3324679a0f7b776a1c9
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      Show the nearby chip for images and files too. · 1ed91f78
      Alison Cichowlas authored
      This revealed that we weren't initializing the nearby intent
      from the original intent, so that's fixed too. This should
      ensure that flags and extras from the original intent make
      their way to the available and installed nearby component.
      Change-Id: I0cac4b1ac63d95b0f0d2ef8d2e614674253c7cb4
      Test: Share (an image and a non-image) from DocumentsUI
      Fixes: 155487375
      Fixes: 155676993
      Merged-In: If0c0b754a066b0ec439a866de3eae84caca7b793
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      Merge branch 'cherry-pick-1da7e552' into 'v1-q' · 69a6ef4c
      Romain Hunault authored
      Change tasks app permission name from "org.dmfs" to "foundation.e"
      See merge request !82
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