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    • Jeff Sharkey's avatar
      Force-set a ClipData to prevent later migration. · 17cf07da
      Jeff Sharkey authored
      migrateExtraStreamToClipData() will only offer to promote Uri values
      if a ClipData isn't already defined, so we ensure that a ClipData
      value is always defined.  This blocks later promotion and granting.
      Bug: 200683077
      Bug: 123700107
      Test: manual
      Change-Id: I99c1411e8b4eb01eb27ac4306e3bf6cc88cb4273
      (cherry picked from commit 6ebf410b)
      (cherry picked from commit 3cf2b049)
      Merged-In: I99c1411e8b4eb01eb27ac4306e3bf6cc88cb4273
    • Songchun Fan's avatar
      Revert "Revert "[pm] remove old stage dirs on low storage"" · 8435a89d
      Songchun Fan authored
      This reverts commit b45ebca772a77bf3fd269d0dcfc1a7af7c73861d.
      Reason for revert: adding the fix for system to abandon sessions
      BUG: 67862680
      Test: manual
      Change-Id: I2b735e4860dce6eb6d5d8ddc158e8b3165910dc7
      Merged-In: I91170ba399b3a596320b3bd9c8188912e5c4f1be
      (cherry picked from commit bd25f706)
    • Aseem Kumar's avatar
      Prevent apps from spamming addAccountExplicitly. · a27a8563
      Aseem Kumar authored
      See comment here for the discussion on solution
      Change-Id: If212df3a3b7be1de0fb26b8e88b2fcbb8077c253
      Bug: 169762606
      (cherry picked from commit 11053c17b397db67b20e96ce769508766cef7db9)
      Change-Id: I6494366a5695daedc3f4f0046da9e130a5363f5f
      Merged-In: If212df3a3b7be1de0fb26b8e88b2fcbb8077c253
      (cherry picked from commit 5beff34b)
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    • Kevin F. Haggerty's avatar
      Merge tag 'android-security-8.1.0_r93' into staging/lineage-15.1_merge_android-security-8.1.0_r93 · 245e5182
      Kevin F. Haggerty authored
      Android Security 8.1.0 Release 93 (7678330)
      * tag 'android-security-8.1.0_r93':
        Send targeted broadcasts to prevent other apps from receiving them.
        Guard DISABLE_PLUGIN with PLUGIN permission.
        DO NOT MERGE Apply a maximum char count to the load label api
        Fix a potential thread safety issue in VectorDrawable
        Change ownership of the account request notification.
      Change-Id: I3ea07a1348f9a8e3f1e9cccc8bede251e7632168
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    • Hall Liu's avatar
      Allow empty tokens in strict grammar · bdb600da
      Hall Liu authored
      Allow empty tokens in SQLiteQueryBuilder's strict grammar enforcement
      Bug: 143230980
      Test: atest SQLiteQueryBuilderTest, manual
      Change-Id: Ie82dded77a3eaa75095333b0e77f10e21c9f7caf
      (cherry picked from commit ea5b2c08)
      Merged-In: Ie82dded77a3eaa75095333b0e77f10e21c9f7caf
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  15. 30 Jun, 2021 5 commits
    • Android Build Coastguard Worker's avatar
      Merge cherrypicks of [15151695, 15151716, 15151891, 15151892, 15151894,... · 859f03d9
      Android Build Coastguard Worker authored
      Merge cherrypicks of [15151695, 15151716, 15151891, 15151892, 15151894, 15151896, 15150908, 15151384, 15151699, 15151700, 15151701] into security-aosp-oc-mr1-release
      Change-Id: Ib577512a4d38e7111f1c13feba1c58f478c6c458
    • Steve Elliott's avatar
      Don't attach private Notification to A11yEvent when user locked · d165583c
      Steve Elliott authored
      Fixes: 159624555
      Test: manual, atest
      Change-Id: Ib44f1d3695d2b31bee4f8ccae3f948c83f3b40b6
      Merged-In: Ib44f1d3695d2b31bee4f8ccae3f948c83f3b40b6
      (cherry picked from commit 54fbccc2)
      (cherry picked from commit 93f167b8)
    • Seigo Nonaka's avatar
      Improve ellipsize performance · e21a048a
      Seigo Nonaka authored
      Instead of iterate all ellipsized characters, only iterate the necessary
      ranges for copying.
      Bug: 188913943
      Test: atest CtsTextTestCases CtsGraphicsTestCases CtsWidgetTestCases
      Change-Id: I3d03b1e3897e427c23fbe51315f412c57a4ce9e9
      Merged-In: I3d03b1e3897e427c23fbe51315f412c57a4ce9e9
      (cherry picked from commit ae1912b6)
    • Christopher Tate's avatar
      Fix side effects of trace-ipc and dumpheap commands · afff8015
      Christopher Tate authored
      These shell commands were implicitly deleting any client-named file for
      which the system uid had deletion capability.  They no longer do this,
      instead using only the client's own capabilities and file manipulation
      Bug: 185398942
      Test: manual "adb shell cmd activity dumpheap system_server /data/system/last-fstrim"
      Test: atest CtsPermissionTestCases:ShellCommandPermissionTest
      Merged-In: Ie61ab2c3f4bfbd04de09ca99c1116d1129461e8f
      Change-Id: Ie61ab2c3f4bfbd04de09ca99c1116d1129461e8f
      (cherry picked from commit 6984eaa9)
    • Jorim Jaggi's avatar
      Fix race condition between lockNow() and updateLockscreenTimeout · 61130ad2
      Jorim Jaggi authored
      If updateLockscreenTimeout gets called before the Runnable queued
      from lockNow gets executed, lockNow request will be ignored. Fix
      this by not clearing out the runnable if it's pending lock request.
      Test: Switch user, ensure lockscreen comes up
      Bug: 161149543
      Change-Id: Ie486396fd7328edf8ca0912df92524bb82a1fb7f
      (cherry picked from commit 875fa991)
      Merged-In: Ie486396fd7328edf8ca0912df92524bb82a1fb7f
      (cherry picked from commit 1692babe)
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  18. 14 May, 2021 4 commits
    • android-build-team Robot's avatar
      Merge cherrypicks of [14554374, 14554375, 14554376, 14554377, 14554421,... · f58e054a
      android-build-team Robot authored
      Merge cherrypicks of [14554374, 14554375, 14554376, 14554377, 14554421, 14554378, 14554522, 14554523, 14554381, 14554563, 14554564, 14554566, 14554568, 14554570, 14554571, 14554573, 14554526, 14554576] into security-aosp-oc-mr1-release
      Change-Id: I0e31b90f001d9959d05757095b9dc3a778f0c7f3
    • lucaslin's avatar
      Fix the security issue that preloaded apps can get SSID & BSSID · 4d8f28e9
      lucaslin authored
      NetworkMonitor sends ""
      broadcast with Wifi SSID & BSSID. The receiver of this broadcast
      is only required to have "android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_CONDITIONS"
      permission but not the "android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION".
      It's incorrect because if the apps want to know the Wifi SSID and
      BSSID, they should get the run-time permission with user consent.
      Since this broadcast is not used anymore, delete it and the related
      Bug: 175213041
      Test: atest NetworkStackNextTests NetworkStackTests
      Change-Id: I12050737291c7fa0ebff4e7411b91f4c6f57a413
      Merged-In: I12050737291c7fa0ebff4e7411b91f4c6f57a413
      Merged-In: I7b43940dc32826c70fa82f471b35bc5cb8394aad
      (cherry picked from commit 0684e7a6)
    • Julia Reynolds's avatar
      Restrict alarm broadcast · 5f801741
      Julia Reynolds authored
      To android only
      Test: NotificationManagerTest, NotificationManagerServiceTest
      Bug: 175614289
      Change-Id: I4f8e56729d90f8f5288d08881129b1c45d5790e7
      Merged-In: I4f8e56729d90f8f5288d08881129b1c45d5790e7
      (cherry picked from commit abf15b73)
      (cherry picked from commit 7dfcfe85)
    • Louis Chang's avatar
      Detects all activities for whether showing work challenge · 9d0c9eb5
      Louis Chang authored
      Work challenge did not show when a work activity is not on top, but
      still visible after screen turns on.
      Also show work challenge even if the work activity is behind a top
      fullscreen activity of another profile because the user can still
      navigate back to the work activity when top activity finishes.
      Bug: 177457096
      Test: ActivityStackSupervisorTests
      Change-Id: I5e09b09be547d04fdfd709cb9cd4bcd4a94bbf21
      Merged-In: I5e09b09be547d04fdfd709cb9cd4bcd4a94bbf21
      (cherry picked from commit 6820d708)
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