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  1. 20 Jul, 2018 11 commits
    • Ecco Park's avatar
      Osu: fixed Mismatch between createFromParcel and writeToParcel · c4592694
      Ecco Park authored
      Bug: 77600924
      Change-Id: I46d765892e8e6839ed5140a3b0d6bb1815ccf9bc
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEcco Park <>
      (cherry picked from commit 9a59cf84)
    • Hansong Zhang's avatar
      DO NOT MERGE Truncate newline and tab characters in BluetoothDevice name · d60d1869
      Hansong Zhang authored
      Test: manual
      Bug: 73173182
      Change-Id: I7f2201cab36adf7f01d1a794d783cb78a536811f
      (cherry picked from commit 24da173b)
    • sqian's avatar
      Fix broken check for TelephonyManager#getForbiddenPlmns · e1c5b945
      sqian authored
      (backport from a fix merged in pi-dev)
      Bug: 73884967
      Test: Treehugger
      Change-Id: I9deaae20893184cde36dcd936fe83708fa60b830
      Merged-In: I0cf7920e138892fbcab71fae0eed1293f0b2e404
      Merged-In: I9e3456e5f1e479b0e2b102f6c90db57cd0e977fe
      (cherry picked from commit 7b52a48d)
    • Philip P. Moltmann's avatar
      DO NOT MERGE (O) Revoke permision when group changed · 0c9517a6
      Philip P. Moltmann authored
      If a run time permission of a group is already granted we grant the
      other permission of the group automatically when requested.
      Hence if an already granted permission changed its group during an
      update suddenly permission of a potentially not approved group will
      get auto-granted.
      This is undesirable, hence we revoke the permission during the update
      Test: atest android.permission.cts.PermissionGroupChange
      Change-Id: Ib2165d1ae53b80455ebe02e07775853e37a2e339
      Fixes: 72710897
      (cherry picked from commit 0ed1b472)
    • y's avatar
      ResStringPool: Fix security vulnerability · 458134f7
      y authored
      Adds detection of attacker-modified size and data fields passed to
      ResStringPool::setTo(). These attacks are modified apks that AAPT would
      not normally generate. In the rare case this occurs, the installation
      cannot be allowed to continue.
      Bug: 71361168
      Bug: 71360999
      Test: run cts -m CtsAppSecurityHostTestCases \
                -t android.appsecurity.cts.CorruptApkTests
      Change-Id: If7eb93a9e723b16c8a0556fc4e20006aa0391d57
      Merged-In: If7eb93a9e723b16c8a0556fc4e20006aa0391d57
      (cherry picked from commit 7e54c3f2)
    • akirilov's avatar
      RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Prevent reporting fake package name - framework (backport to oc-mr1-dev) · 774d6ea7
      akirilov authored
      Test: added AccessibilityEndToEndTest#testPackageNameCannotBeFaked
            cts-tradefed run cts -m CtsAccessibilityServiceTestCases
            cts-tradefed run cts -m CtsAccessibilityTestCases
      Bug: 69981755
      Change-Id: If3752e106aa7fdee4645dc9852289af471ceff18
      Merged-In: I13304efbee10d1affa087e9c8bc4ec237643283e
      (cherry picked from commit c36db6d4)
    • Fyodor Kupolov's avatar
      Use concrete CREATOR instance for parceling lists · 133ec0e4
      Fyodor Kupolov authored
      Replaced readTypedArrayList/writeTypedArrayList with
      Bug: 71508348
      Test: CtsAutoFillServiceTestCases pass
      Merged-In: I2a8321023b40cc74b7026eb0fb32a9cc5f5543a9
      Change-Id: Id17d02e40a4ae567bf2d74d2ea8ba4d8a943bdb7
      (cherry picked from commit 4921986d)
    • Marco Nelissen's avatar
      Rework thumbnail cleanup · 49690f8a
      Marco Nelissen authored
      Bug: 63766886
      Test: ran CTS tests
      Change-Id: I1f92bb014e275eafe3f42aef1f8c817f187c6608
      (cherry picked from commit 6d2096f3)
    • Felipe Leme's avatar
      DO NOT MERGE - fix AFM.getComponentNameFromContext() · 14029e40
      Felipe Leme authored
      This method broke on O-MR1 when I3abf999eb6056c1df7982780bae43b58337c0668
      was chery-picked from master.
      Test: cts-tradefed run commandAndExit cts-dev -m CtsAutoFillServiceTestCases \
            -t android.autofillservice.cts.AttachedContextActivityTest#testAutofill
      Test: cts-tradefed run commandAndExit cts-dev -m CtsAutoFillServiceTestCases
      Also individually ran tests that failed (due to flakiness) when ran in a suite:
      Test: cts-tradefed run commandAndExit cts-dev -m CtsAutoFillServiceTestCases \
      -t android.autofillservice.cts.OptionalSaveActivityTest#testDontShowSaveUiWhenUserManuallyFilled_oneDatasetAllRequiredFields
      Test: cts-tradefed run commandAndExit cts-dev -m CtsAutoFillServiceTestCases -t android.autofillservice.cts.PreSimpleSaveActivityTest #testTapLink_tapBack_thenStartOverBySayingYesAndManualRequest
      Fixes: 71960322
      Change-Id: Ia093dcefe6699dc9493c46d671e48c2000214b31
      Merged-In: I3abf999eb6056c1df7982780bae43b58337c0668
      (cherry picked from commit b25b4736)
    • Felipe Leme's avatar
      Proper autofill fix to let phone process autofill Settings activity. · 21765ed6
      Felipe Leme authored
      Test: adb shell am start
      Bug: 69981710
      Fixes: 70506888
      Change-Id: Id29bad2d20b621f7379eb6144c95dcc819949b3d
      Merged-In: Id29bad2d20b621f7379eb6144c95dcc819949b3d
      (cherry picked from commit 97f16a76db29269619d9a1b45d4cea49026a5b6a)
      (cherry picked from commit 92b5d278)
    • Felipe Leme's avatar
      Make sure apps cannot forge package name on AssistStructure used for Autofill. · 3f89a390
      Felipe Leme authored
      Test: cts-tradefed run commandAndExit cts-dev -m CtsAutoFillServiceTestCases -t android.autofillservice.cts.VirtualContainerActivityTest#testAppCannotFakePackageName
      Test: cts-tradefed run commandAndExit cts-dev -m CtsAutoFillServiceTestCases
      Bug: 69981710
      Change-Id: Id6036cddb51dd8dd0c9128b7212d573f630d693f
      Merged-In: Id6036cddb51dd8dd0c9128b7212d573f630d693f
      (cherry picked from commit 23e61a90)
  2. 13 Apr, 2018 6 commits
  3. 15 Mar, 2018 1 commit
  4. 09 Feb, 2018 4 commits
    • android-build-team Robot's avatar
      Merge cherrypicks of [3594034, 3594272, 3594273, 3594274, 3594275, 3594347,... · 833770d2
      android-build-team Robot authored
      Merge cherrypicks of [3594034, 3594272, 3594273, 3594274, 3594275, 3594347, 3594035, 3592471] into oc-mr1-release
      Change-Id: Id0214b5206fd01da1829b1475cef34ecac46f4e2
    • Eric Enslen's avatar
      fix isActiveNetworkMetered with VPNs · db0f5100
      Eric Enslen authored
      Bug: 72871435
      Test: flashed and verified, also ran runtest framework-net
      Change-Id: I69319a7db269489053426bb2d41574180be2d43d
      (cherry picked from commit c81ef199)
    • Ryan Lothian's avatar
      Handle onBindingDied in notification manager · 0748edce
      Ryan Lothian authored
      On Android, if the process containing the service being bound to
      crashes before the bind succeeds, the app doing the binding won't
      get a success or failure callback.
      When that happens in this code, this leaves notif. manager thinking
      that a binding is in progress, so it never attempts to rebind until
      the device is rebooted.
      Bug: 69064494
      Test: manual, crashed listener on proc start, verified not unbound forever
      Change-Id: Id2082744208e21a709d9453365f282449a2e9407
      (cherry picked from commit 4a86a51b)
      (cherry picked from commit 1936097a)
    • Chad Brubaker's avatar
      Relax Instant Apps Settings whitelist enforcement · fef1a3e7
      Chad Brubaker authored
      The strict whitelist of settings for Instant Apps is leading to too much
      unintended breakage, remove the enforcement until better infrastructure
      can be added to make sure settings that should be whitelisted are.
      Bug: 71009655
      Test: Coming in a follow up
      (cherry picked from commit b6108d62)
      Change-Id: Iaa1d71331407cee86c10105c1e5668ffd0c925a1
      (cherry picked from commit 26ae1d35)
  5. 08 Feb, 2018 18 commits
    • android-build-team Robot's avatar
      Merge cherrypicks of [3581037, 3581038, 3580473, 3580624, 3580656, 3580657,... · 2963cd41
      android-build-team Robot authored
      Merge cherrypicks of [3581037, 3581038, 3580473, 3580624, 3580656, 3580657, 3580658, 3580382, 3580474, 3580475, 3581039, 3581040, 3580476, 3580206, 3581527, 3580955, 3580956, 3580957, 3580958, 3580959, 3580960, 3580961, 3580962, 3580963, 3580964, 3580965, 3580966, 3581567, 3581568, 3581569, 3581570, 3581571, 3580625, 3580626, 3581587, 3581513, 3581514, 3581515, 3580477, 3581588, 3580659, 3580660, 3580383, 3580384, 3580478, 3580719, 3580479, 3580480, 3581385, 3581528, 3581041, 3581042, 3581043, 3581044, 3581045, 3581046, 3581607, 3580385, 3580481, 3580482, 3580483, 3580661, 3580662, 3580663, 3580664, 3580665, 3580484, 3580485, 3581608, 3581609, 3581610, 3581611, 3581612, 3581589, 3581613, 3580486, 3581519, 3581627, 3581628, 3581529, 3581530, 3581531, 3581629, 3581630] into oc-mr1-release
      Change-Id: I107552246742f7f284efd431d810a44d97a223b1
    • Etan Cohen's avatar
      [RTT] ParcelableRttResults parcel code fix · 5a3d2708
      Etan Cohen authored
      ParcelableRttResults was unparceled incorrectly.
      Bug: 70398564
      Test: exploit provided in bug no longer works
      Change-Id: Ifd6de547e9861bbebc399b43d0cc2899a8160813
      (cherry picked from commit e1e5a240)
    • Rubin Xu's avatar
      Fix VerifyCredentialResponse parcelling code · 09ba8fdf
      Rubin Xu authored
      There was an asymmetry between parcelling and unparcelling of
      VerifyCredentialResponse that could lead to type confusion if
      packed with other objects in a Parcel.
      Test: none
      Bug: 71714464
      Change-Id: Icff68879e249422ccca49f2bb7db85c35b4cb353
      (cherry picked from commit 54813e98)
    • Daniel Nishi's avatar
      Update diskstats to break out code & data. · a4e80ee2
      Daniel Nishi authored
      This updates both the text-based diskstats and the proto-based diskstats
      to both have both an aggregated and line-itemed view of app sizes.
      Formerly, the code and data sizes were rolled up into the same category
      and now they are separated.
      Bug: 63908720
      Test: FrameworksServicesTest passes
      Merged-In: I1434327ffde6ad1f31243218c5201a80f9725a63
      (cherry picked from commit b6cc8381)
      (cherry picked from commit 41a5ae86)
      Change-Id: I0d21ecc0ded5d715e3b5a478e78de2ba1f7e9ec2
    • Adam Vartanian's avatar
      Adjust URI host parsing to stop on \ character. · 0b576319
      Adam Vartanian authored
      The WHATWG URL parsing algorithm [1] used by browsers says that for
      "special" URL schemes (which is basically all commonly-used
      hierarchical schemes, including http, https, ftp, and file), the host
      portion ends if a \ character is seen, whereas this class previously
      continued to consider characters part of the hostname.  This meant
      that a malicious URL could be seen as having a "safe" host when viewed
      by an app but navigate to a different host when passed to a browser.
      Bug: 71360761
      Test: vogar frameworks/base/core/tests/coretests/src/android/net/ (on NYC branch)
      Test: cts -m CtsNetTestCases (on NYC branch)
      Change-Id: Id53f7054d1be8d59bbcc7e219159e59a2425106e
      (cherry picked from commit fa3afbd0)
    • Adam Lesinski's avatar
      Check for null-terminator in ResStringPool::string8At · a2a36541
      Adam Lesinski authored
      All other stringAt methods check for null termination. Be consistent
      so that upper levels don't end up with huge corrupt strings.
      Bug: 62537081
      Test: none
      Change-Id: I17bdfb0c1e34507b66c6cad651bbdb12c5d4c417
      (cherry picked from commit 3d35a0ea)
      (cherry picked from commit 97f8cb01149b35b1832c7f9efe85ff19edf1083e)
      (cherry picked from commit 5ec65ae9)
    • Shuzhen Wang's avatar
      OutputConfiguration: Fix missing mIsShared in parcel read · 47ebfaa2
      Shuzhen Wang authored
      Test: Camera CTS
      Bug: 69683251
      Merged-In: I7ea4aa8ed4baa5a5e7d25a0073361d827ba86c13
      Change-Id: I7ea4aa8ed4baa5a5e7d25a0073361d827ba86c13
      (cherry picked from commit 4304a02a)
    • Jakub Pawlowski's avatar
      Fix bad type for txPower in PeriodicAdvertisingReport serialization · b796cd32
      Jakub Pawlowski authored
      Bug: 69634768
      Test: compilation
      Change-Id: Icedfbaf1ba933637e935ada0fd98aea42c73f2b2
      Merged-In: Icedfbaf1ba933637e935ada0fd98aea42c73f2b2
      (cherry picked from commit 5332988c)
    • Svet Ganov's avatar
      Use correct user id for permission check for instant foreground service · 45253204
      Svet Ganov authored
      Test: cts-tradefed run cts-dev -m CtsAppSecurityHostTestCases
                -t android.appsecurity.cts.EphemeralTest#testStartForegrondService
      bug: 68275646
      Bug: 71366502
      Change-Id: I196522c49ae8a7e0ec07bf631f04bae51e96db5b
      cherry pick from:
      (cherry picked from commit e32c238ce76151dd6221e6762f841c8f721c45f7)
      Change-Id: Idfeae038d42b9dee9f6f57203f2bdb0764f51877
      (cherry picked from commit d967610f)
    • Michael Plass's avatar
      Metrics wifi.proto for connected wifi score · 433354be
      Michael Plass authored
      (cherry picked from commit bb367b68)
      Bug: 67429363
      Bug: 71708302
      Test: Wifi unit tests
      Change-Id: I2993a02e7b3199c2b50dc2ddb7704fc5b6364025
      Merged-In: I315613b8ea3aa1d02810ae376c76083d80865d31
      (cherry picked from commit 1b8fe6ef)
    • Felipe Leme's avatar
      Fixed AUTOFILL_UI_LATENCY metric. · 7cad2e50
      Felipe Leme authored
      This metric was using the RESERVED_FOR_LOGBUILDER_COUNTER and hence was not
      being picked up.
      Bug: 71863561
      Fixes: 72175011
      Test: adb shell logcat -b events | grep sysui | grep 1136
      Test: cts-tradefed run commandAndExit cts-dev -m CtsAutoFillServiceTestCases
      Change-Id: I34f701ff5336a413477fd14172d16d8d1e5403ad
      (cherry picked from commit b659adb3)
    • jackqdyulei's avatar
      Add metric for anomaly detection · d88103db
      jackqdyulei authored
      Bug: 68215016
      Test: Build
      Merged-In: I66f0465a3b89713060948af31c370e9ac894e0ff
      Change-Id: I66f0465a3b89713060948af31c370e9ac894e0ff
      (cherry picked from commit 7d36b386)
    • Tyler Gunn's avatar
      Add support for notification of LTE to WIFI handover for video calls. · dda9bbf3
      Tyler Gunn authored
      Test: Manual, added new unit tests.
      Bug: 65490850
      Change-Id: I7afbd2d1e783aae425ac3fe640a6e92d1600b9a5
      (cherry picked from commit 5ce0d3a6)
    • Lucas Dupin's avatar
      Turn default gradient into solid black · bb3b8176
      Lucas Dupin authored
      Test: visual
      Bug: 66957450
      Change-Id: I6a34a35912e4dd4594565f88636ce89689d26f2f
      (cherry picked from commit e7476add)
      (cherry picked from commit 12dad0c4)
    • Etan Cohen's avatar
      [PASSPOINT] Add metrics to determine deployment/avail of Passpoint · 133adf7c
      Etan Cohen authored
      Add metrics which will help determine Passpoint availability in the
      wild. The metrics measure the percentage of time a Passpoint network
      is visible to user - by collecting historgrams of observations per
      scan result.
      (cherry-pick of commit c462a7a4)
      Bug: 66951771
      Test: unit test
      Merged-In: I8c91f490a533f90a4f0630e1cb461e1d2643358b
      Change-Id: I08367ab2c45900c76b65cea980a9b4a335b3dcdb
      (cherry picked from commit 8c88b5e2)
    • Eric Erfanian's avatar
      Add assisted dialing properties to the framework. · 10bb5dd7
      Eric Erfanian authored
      These properties allow the feature to be propogated from
      the outgoing call broadcast, to the connection, to the call,
      and finally to the call log as a feature.
      Test: no existing unit tests found. could use some pointers
      Bug: 35963245
      Merged-In: I84343fb0cda16514c01997fd71d1e819b5b7eebb
      Change-Id: I086e761ada9a57dca61c3a412561ee54255d6260
      (cherry picked from commit 9765e89e)
    • Etan Cohen's avatar
      [AWARE] Make PeerHandle comparable/hashable · 70854ebd
      Etan Cohen authored
      Add public equals()/hash() methods to PeerHandle. Allows the handle to
      be used across multiple calls/sessions.
      (partial cherry-pick of commit 3d33d749)
      (cherry-pick of commit 0d49c0dd)
      Bug: 68931709
      Test: builds, unit test, integration test
      Change-Id: I87df50edb948a7afc90e496165013235ddca1e48
      Merged-In: Idc59269d4275181ed6d9a793213c681dc4e98134
      Merged-In: I6848acda9bfef306b8feaae6987ff18f7bc2e6ec
      (cherry picked from commit 4454bda0)
    • Jorim Jaggi's avatar
      Fix issues with TRON app transition logging · 8d58c21d
      Jorim Jaggi authored
      There was a case where a app launch started activity A. A step in
      the UI finished A and started B in the same task. Next time A was
      started it immediately finished itself, putting B at the top of
      the task. Now, this launch was considered aborted because A was
      finished during launching, making it invisible.
      We fix this by modifying the logic to only abort the launch if the
      full task is not visible anymore after an activity has been set to
      There is another case where an app launches A, finishes A, and then
      launches B. In this case the home gets visible in between so we
      don't consider this an app launch anymore, and correctly cancel
      the logging. However it's still useful to know that this is
      happening to expose it to the developer, so we log any cancel
      events, no matter where they are coming from.
      Test: Launch Snapchat, click Sign Up, click home, relaunch
      Snapchat from home
      Test: Open slow app and press home quickly to test cancel.
      Change-Id: I211636c97fd6785adb3fe443a8ffa1ae766946a4
      Merged-In: I211636c97fd6785adb3fe443a8ffa1ae766946a4
      Fixes: 67094673
      (cherry picked from commit a9d40821)