Commit d30c55e3 authored by Seigo Nonaka's avatar Seigo Nonaka Committed by Mike Logan
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Fix crash during cursor moving on BiDi text

The crash was introduced by Ib66ef392c19c937718e7101f6d48fac3abe51ad0
The root cause of the crashing is requesting out-of-line access for the
horizontal width. This invalid access is silently ignored by
TextLine#measure() method but new implementation end up with out of
bounds access.

To makes behavior as old implementation, calling getHorizontal instead
of accessing measured result array.

Bug: 78464361, 111580019
Test: Manually done
Change-Id: I5c5778718f6b397adbb1e4f2cf95e9f635f6e5c8
(cherry picked from commit 960647d5)
Merged-In: I5c5778718f6b397adbb1e4f2cf95e9f635f6e5c8
parent 3375c14a
......@@ -1553,7 +1553,8 @@ public abstract class Layout {
float get(final int offset) {
if (mHorizontals == null) {
if (mHorizontals == null || offset < mLineStartOffset
|| offset >= mLineStartOffset + mHorizontals.length) {
return getHorizontal(offset, mPrimary);
} else {
return mHorizontals[offset - mLineStartOffset];
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