Commit bd7f6a82 authored by Jeff Sharkey's avatar Jeff Sharkey Committed by Simon Shields

Always create grant structures when persistable.

Certain apps may already hold permissions to an underlying provider,
but they expect APIs like takePersistableUriPermission() and
getPersistedUriPermissions() to work when a permission grant was

Test: builds, boots
Bug: 31239684
Change-Id: I4b21c57956b70133ecadb50d0d3ee339f41e2260
parent bf76beec
......@@ -8297,6 +8297,12 @@ public final class ActivityManagerService extends ActivityManagerNative
// If we're extending a persistable grant, then we always need to create
// the grant data structure so that take/release APIs work
if ((modeFlags & Intent.FLAG_GRANT_PERSISTABLE_URI_PERMISSION) != 0) {
return targetUid;
if (targetUid >= 0) {
// First... does the target actually need this permission?
if (checkHoldingPermissionsLocked(pm, pi, grantUri, targetUid, modeFlags)) {
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