Commit 95a422db authored by Romain Hunault's avatar Romain Hunault
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Merge branch 'use-our-sepolicy-fork' into 'cm-14.1'

use our sepolicy fork

See merge request !27
parents 38803080 a5b02df3
......@@ -484,7 +484,7 @@
<project path="system/netd" name="LineageOS/android_system_netd" groups="pdk" />
<project path="system/nvram" name="platform/system/nvram" remote="aosp" />
<project path="system/security" name="LineageOS/android_system_security" groups="pdk" />
<project path="system/sepolicy" name="LineageOS/android_system_sepolicy" groups="pdk" />
<project path="system/sepolicy" name="e/os/android_system_sepolicy" groups="pdk" remote="e" />
<project path="system/tools/aidl" name="LineageOS/android_system_tools_aidl" groups="pdk" />
<project path="system/tpm" name="platform/system/tpm" remote="aosp" />
<project path="system/update_engine" name="LineageOS/android_system_update_engine" groups="pdk" />
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