Unverified Commit 0c09c4e3 authored by Michael Bestas's avatar Michael Bestas
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lineage: Remove unused os_pickup overrides

Change-Id: I98524beee6b3b691f74db3876407e78b54b3e524
parent d5636237
......@@ -67,9 +67,6 @@
<project path="hardware/qcom-caf/common" name="LineageOS/android_hardware_qcom-caf_common" groups="qcom,pdk-qcom" >
<!-- add guard for AOSP hardware/qcom dir -->
<linkfile src="os_pickup_aosp.mk" dest="hardware/qcom/Android.mk" />
<!-- for AOSP sdm845 and sm8150, we override os_pickup.mk -->
<!--<linkfile src="os_pickup.mk" dest="hardware/qcom/sdm845/Android.mk" />-->
<!--<linkfile src="os_pickup.mk" dest="hardware/qcom/sm8150/Android.mk" />-->
<!-- add guards for CAF repositories -->
<linkfile src="os_pickup.mk" dest="hardware/qcom-caf/apq8084/Android.mk" />
<linkfile src="os_pickup.mk" dest="hardware/qcom-caf/msm8916/Android.mk" />
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