Commit 87465cd1 authored by Fynn Godau's avatar Fynn Godau Committed by Marvin W.
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Add missing method to GoogleApiAvailability

parent 5b50e246
......@@ -163,6 +163,19 @@ public class GoogleApiAvailability {
return SUCCESS;
* Verifies that Google Play services is installed and enabled on this device, and that the version installed on
* this device is no older than the one required by this client or the version is not older than the one specified
* in <code>minApkVersion</code>.
* @return status code indicating whether there was an error. Can be one of following in
public int isGooglePlayServicesAvailable(Context context, int minApkVersion) {
return isGooglePlayServicesAvailable(context);
* Determines whether an error can be resolved via user action. If true, proceed by calling
* {@link #getErrorDialog(Activity, int, int)} and showing the dialog.
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