Verified Commit 714367b3 authored by Marvin W.'s avatar Marvin W. 🐿
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EN: Remove ExposureSummary from intent extras in ExposureWindow mode

Intent extras are only supported in v1 mode, but CWA also accesses them in
ExposureWindow mode, which can result in ClassNotFoundException in optimized

Fixes #1325
parent c6488831
......@@ -370,10 +370,13 @@ class ExposureNotificationServiceImpl(private val context: Context, private val
try {
val intent = if (exposureSummary.matchedKeyCount > 0) {
} else {
if (token != TOKEN_A) {
intent.putExtra(EXTRA_EXPOSURE_SUMMARY, exposureSummary)
intent.putExtra(EXTRA_TOKEN, token)
intent.`package` = packageName
Log.d(TAG, "Sending $intent")
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