Verified Commit 6d423bb8 authored by Marvin W.'s avatar Marvin W. 🐿
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EN: Make rotated key use same start number as regular key

This hides the fact that the key was rotated. Probably never needed because one
is not going to get infected twice within 14 days, but doesn't hurt either.
parent b21b523a
......@@ -649,7 +649,7 @@ class ExposureDatabase private constructor(private val context: Context) : SQLit
update(TABLE_TEK, ContentValues().apply {
put("rollingPeriod", intervalNumber - key.rollingStartIntervalNumber)
}, "rollingStartNumber = ?", arrayOf(key.rollingStartIntervalNumber.toString()))
storeOwnKey(generateIntraDayTemporaryExposureKey(intervalNumber), database)
storeOwnKey(generateCurrentDayTemporaryExposureKey(), database)
val startRollingNumber = (getDayRollingStartNumber(intervalNumber) - 14 * ROLLING_PERIOD)
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